Maybe your business is already on TikTok, or maybe you’re about to launch a bigger campaign on the app. Here it can be obvious to make use of voiceovers and speaks in connection with your videos, as it helps you reach your target group and create an effect with your message.

In this post, we will get into what TikTok is, how you use it, and what benefits you get from using voiceovers in your TikToks. All in all, the post should give you an understanding of how the use of voiceover is an untapped potential that can be a big gain for your company’s presence on TikTok.

What is TikTok?


TikTok is the fastest growing social media in the world and has over one billion active users per month. It is a video sharing app where you can share and watch short videos that can last up to 60 seconds.

The medium is very popular among creators, influencers and companies all over the world. You can make small video images and add music, sound, text, filters, emojis, voiceovers and much more. It therefore gives everyone – amateurs and professionals alike – the opportunity to make videos and share their video content with others.


How to use voiceover on TikTok

Voiceover is one of the favorite tools that you can use for video content on TikTok. However, there are two ways that you can incorporate it. You can do it either via TikTok’s own tool in the app itself, which is also one of their primary editing options, or by adding it separately to your video via a video editor before uploading the video in the app.


If you choose to use the built-in voiceover tool, you cannot pre-record and add the sound to the video. In other words, you have to record via the app where you want to remove the original sound page with the recorded sound.

Why should you use voiceover on your TikTok?

TikTok is an interesting app to use in your marketing, whether it’s campaigns, brand awareness or product launches – especially if you want to hit a younger target group. You can use a lot of exciting features to enhance the video content, voiceover being one of them.


Voiceovers play an essence

l role if you want to get your message across in a clear and convincing way – TikTok videos are no exception. Below you can read much more about the benefits of using voiceovers in your TikToks.


You reach your audience more easily

With a voiceover, you can more easily communicate your message to your audience. In this way, you can make it clear what the idea behind your video content is, should it not be clear to the viewers. In addition, voiceovers are effective in creating clarity around your content. Instead of reading 30 pages about your product, you can now use a 30-second video that explains and shows your product.


You make an impression on your audience

The primary purpose of sharing videos is to influence your followers. But sometimes a video is not enough to create an effect or make an impression. With a narrator, you can convey your message so that your target audience will do what you want.

You get a creative and humorous video


In addition to being narrative and informative, TikTok is also known for humorous and entertaining content. Here, a voiceover can help and enhance your funny content if used correctly, but at the same time also capture the audience in an interesting and entertaining way.


Your voiceover script for TikTok

The reason for TikTok’s great success is due to their focus on content in a short format – even if it is possible to make longer videos. The content on TikTok is meant to be fast, and the best videos are as concise, sharp and to the point as possible. And of course your content must also be this.


You must therefore also keep your voiceover short, even if it can be difficult, as you otherwise risk losing the viewers’ attention. However, it is no different from having to write a script for an advertisement, YouTube ad or the like. You just have to take into account the short duration.

Want help with your voiceover?

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