At VoiceArchive, we often receive requests that do not only involve a voiceover recording but also postproduction services such as mastering, a sound mix or an overlay voiceover.

Whereas mastering describes the sound optimization of a recording, a sound mix covers the mix of a voiceover recording with either a video, an audio, or even both options at the same time.

The term overlay voiceover is though less self-explanatory which is why we´d like to introduce you to this feature in the following.

An overlay voiceover is a voiceover that is put on top of the original sound of for example a video with a slight delay.

Have a look at the video below to see how it looks and sounds:

What is an Overlay Voiceover?

As you can see and hear, an overlay voiceover does not help to pretend the person in the video is speaking another language. Instead, you are still able to hear the person talking in the background and the additional voiceover is “laid over” the original sound.

To assure that the voiceover is matching the pace, rhythm, pauses as well as the lengths of the actual speak-sections of the original sound, it is important that the script used for the overlay voiceover is adapted to the correct time codes.

If you need help with the translation, the transcription and/or the creation of timecodes for your target script, we are here to assist.

Once the script is ready, your selected voice talent will take care of the recording which will then be sent to our postproduction who will then create the overlay.

Remember:  for our sound engineers, it is important to be equipped with the video, the overlay should be put on as well as other relevant material (for example additional music that is supposed to be mixed in).

To learn more about our postproduction services in general, simply click here.

Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager