Voice Tools

On the cutting edge of technology, the VoiceArchive team has developed a set of tools that seamlessly allows clients to optimize their voice-over recording process

saving time, cutting errors, and allowing for an ideal experience by all involved.

Voice Selector

Custom branded castings

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Neatly organized and branded voice castings to present to your clients or internally to the rest of your team.


Memory Bank

Goodbye to Retakes

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Our MemoryBank gathers spoken pronunciation guides. With this memory tool, every client has its own database in which to gather and build up pronunciation data.

Clients upload pronunciation guides in their language of choice to the MemoryBank. Guides are kept on file forever and can be edited, expanded, or supplemented with other guides. Voice talents can always access these guides – no back-and-forth needed, but more precise work to save you hours of internal work.

Online Live Session

Connect and instruct!

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Get complete creative control with the VoiceArchive Live Session Tool. Our Live Sessions are based on the 3 basic needs of the creative world:

  • The freedom to experiment on last-minute ideas.

  • The need to have complete control over a project.

  • The demand for fast, high-quality results.


Voice Flow

Smart audio production

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Simplify and unify all the information related to audio production, gathering it all under the same portal and with a notification system in place to notify all parties involved – from the briefing and script upload to the final delivery.

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