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Are you looking for Danish voice overs?

We offer a wide selection of Danish voice over talents and artists, all native speakers living in Denmark and ready to deliver high-quality voice-overs. Our voice archive holds a vast range of male and female Danish voice talents in different voice ages, types, and dialects. In our voicebank, you can browse our Danish voice over offering. In need of assistance? Contact our local team, and we’ll help you cast and personalize your project!

The Danish language

Danish is a North Germanic language spoken by 6 million people in Denmark, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and in the German region of Southern Schleswig. The language descends from Old Norse and is more correctly classified today as East Norse or mainland Scandinavian. Modern Standard Danish is the language spoken in and around the Danish capital of Copenhagen. This variety is widely accepted as the national speech norm.

The differences in the Danish accents and dialects are decreasing over time. However, the language is still split into three main dialect groups:

  • Insular Danish (including the Standard variety)
  • West or Jutlandic Danish, and
  • East Danish (including Bornholmian and Scania)

Choosing between an Insular Danish voice or a Jutlandic voice depends on your project and its purpose. Standard Danish is the most common accent used in the media and the capital area and targets the majority of the population. A northern Jutlandic accent, on the other hand, might fit your specific message perfectly and emphasize its intended purpose.