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Voice Interface Voice Over for Sport Pulse Technology

Jabra is a globally recognized brand, known for engineering market-leading, sound solution speakerphones and headsets.
Through innovations like their sports headphones with real-time voice coaching apps, true wireless earbuds, or noise-canceling headsets that block out noise and deliver crystal-clear sound, Jabra’s mission is to transform lives through the power of sound.

Jabra Voice Interface Voicearchive

A complete voice interface solution for their new product.

Jabra came to us looking for a complete voice interface voice-over for their new product- Sport Pulse. The Sport Pulse technology included a Sport Life fitness app which paired with earbuds, offering in-ear coaching and real-time feedback. To bring this idea to life, the company required a partner in voice production that understood their needs, with the skills and expertise to deliver exceptional results.

There were several considerations, including the need for a vast vocabulary of numbers and standard training expressions. Due to the limited storage possibilities in the fitness gear, it was not an option to record all the required sentences individually.

An Algorithmic Voice.

Jabra knew the complexity was high and understood working closely was integral to success. They had envisioned a motivating and authentic narrative voiceover, in 8 different languages, which used an algorithm of different voice-building blocks depending on the selection of files. The idea was that each unique sentence could call upon a specific selection of files that sound natural in the context they are applied.

To accommodate this plan, we recorded the necessary versions of each number and word to enable the construction of the planned sentences- in all 8 languages. Since languages vary in sentence structure, we couldn’t just apply one set of language coding to the sentence algorithm.

Therefore, we established an action force, tasked with developing an efficient approach to the translation of voiceovers. This allowed us to instruct our professional voice talents and producers in a way that enabled the adaptation of word files to the existing algorithm.

Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition

Jabra Sport Pulse headphones with built-in heart rate monitor just got better.

“Exercise is good for the body and mind. Jabra Sport Pulse utilizes modern technology to motivate and push personal limits before and during exercise and the primary communication is done by voice.”


From the first meeting with Jabra they had a clear idea of what they needed to make their product top class, which is always a good start! Due to our close collaboration, willingness to tailor our offerings and our commitment to saving the client time and money, the company ended up being completely satisfied with the end product.

Their Jabra Sport Pulse is now being distributed in the 8 voice-over languages that we provided. All with the same goal in mind – to motivate and inspire athletes on a global level!

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