What's VoiceArchive's MemoryBank?

The pronunciation of one word can be different for users in Spain, England, Russia, or Italy. To ensure proper pronunciation, VoiceArchive have developed a Memory Bank inspired by the translation industry. Our Memory Bank helps you gather spoken pronunciation guides and build up pronunciation data to use with every recording.

All you have to do is upload pronunciation guides in your language of choice to the Memory Bank. These guides are kept on file and can be edited, expanded, or supplemented with other guides. When receiving a job, the voice talents can simply check the pronunciation guides, minimizing pronounciation mistakes. There are no limitations in terms of volume in our Memory Bank, so it’s possible to keep adding new pronunciation guides and building on top of existing solutions.

Creating a Memory Bank results in fewer retakes and faster delivery. Saving both you and your team hours of work.

Want to know more?

We are here to help! Besides our +2100 voices, we have strategically developed tools that can help ensure you get a quick and high quality recording every time.

Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager