An advertising voice-over not only has to convey a specific message precisely, but it must also support your brand and deliver the emotional message the advertisement is intending to invoke.

In addition, a distinctive voiceover narrator can give your advertisements a recognizable auditory profile that listeners and viewers immediately recognize and engage with.

Our voice talents are skilled professionals and trained to perfectly encapsulate a particular character or tone-of-voice.

We know the unique capabilities and characteristics of each and every one of our voice talents and their narrative voices. For example, a 12-year-old boy is perhaps best played by a 30-year-old female narrator in Danish, but possibly by a 45-year-old male in German.

Advertising services

  • TV, online and radio packages
  • Transparent spot calculation (versions, cutdowns, usage length)
  • Custom demos and free creative casting
  • Online Live Sessions for creative briefs
  • Final Audio-post-Production (M&E mix, mastering for the final platform)

Advertising prices

From price ex VAT valid per star marked voice talent for 1 pushed online – or radio – ad for European language in the native country, up to 6 months usage.

  • For 1 national online spot (European/US country) airing up to 12 months.
  • 50% per additional spot in same recording.
  • Dedicated project manager.
  • Timed to fit spot length, raw audio.
  • Specialized voice talent pool - ask our Sales Team.
  • Audio-Post-Production for +$85 per spot.
Add-ons for volume work:
  • Ask for bulk spot rates or volume campaigns
  • Extended voice persona castings
  • Online Live Sessions for creative briefs

Advertising production

We guide you through the stages of production, delivering personalized service and ensuring your project is successful. 



There is only one “best voice” for any advertisement. It is the voice that best communicates your advertising’s understanding, feeling and credibility (logos, pathos, and ethos). We specialize in finding the perfect voice over narrator, based on a thorough analysis of your advertising, your product, and your target audience.

If your advertisement is published in several languages, you only need to supply us with one manuscript, and we can provide a correct translation and adaptation to more than 120 different languages. Our translators have extensive professional experience and always translate only in their native language.



To ensure your complete satisfaction and control over the process, we offer castings and auditions, and we offer all clients live sessions to instruct the voiceover talents. In this way we waste neither time nor money, and we deliver the characters and style precisely as required.

We also coordinate all elements of the entire voiceover project with your production team to ensure the best workflow and efficiency.



We provide the mastering and file format you need for your voice narration project and we guarantee that our professional voiceover narratives and audio recordings are perfectly adapted for all the platforms you want: TV, cinema, radio, online etc. We can also advise you on local and global standards for audio files for all media.

Technical Editing:

  • Cleaning of mouth-clicks, plosives, and breaths
  • Adjusting volume and equalization to make your file easier to work with in your final production
  • Adjusting volume and equalization for your target platform.

Practical editing:

  • File split and file naming for large projects
  • format Conversion
  • Synchronization and timing

A strong and targeted voice over upgrades an advertisement, no matter what platform it is running on.