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SONY is a global leader within entertainment and technological innovation.
With a diversified portfolio of businesses, SONY is a household name within electronics, mobile communications, gaming, motion picture, audio entertainment and more.
As a company with a mission to inspire and create unique experiences, it’s clear that everything they do, is to move you emotionally.


SONY came to us requesting a voice over solution for video use at an upcoming American tradeshow. Their goal was to show a video presentation that embodied their brand vocally.
After presenting us with criteria, we offered a solution using our experience and expertise to perfectly match a professional voice talent to their presentation.

Unexpected adjustment
Soon after preparing a video voice over narration which SONY was happy with, an idea emerged within their team that required a course change. The deadline hadn’t shifted, so our ability to be quick, reliable, and deliver a quality solution was important.
Fortunately, at Voicearchive no change is too big for us!


Not only was SONY 100% satisfied with the result, but the video presentation delivered was ahead of schedule and became a popular addition to the trade show!


“I was extremely impressed with the adaptation level from Voicearchive. After the first recordings, we figured out a new idea for the presentation and needed to change the voice over narrative. This was no problem for the guys at Voicearchive, who still delivered on time with no problem.”

SONY Voicearchive voice over solutions

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