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Yes, all our voice talents are native speakers; we don’t accept non-native speakers on our roster.

Yes, all our voice talents are professionals and use professional studios and recording equipment. They all have voice over experience of a minimum of three years. However, most of them are highly experienced and have been working in the voice over and dubbing industry for many years.

Absolutely! It is a skill we are actively acquiring more demos for- we call it ENGLISH WITH NATIVE ACCENT. If you don’t find what you like in our voice demos, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll do whatever possible to accommodate your request.

Yes, of course. The more details our voice talents get the better we can accommodate your requests.

No. Generally needing a reference depends on which type of voice over you need. For most types of voice overs, e.g. eLearning or phone greeting, a reference isn’t necessary. But if you are using dubbing/lip sync e.g. for a cartoon, our professional voice talent needs a reference video in order to synchronize the voice recording.

No worries – we have a Memory Bank which allows you to record and submit sound bites of tricky names and terminology associated with your voice over order. This is always available to the voice talent.

Yes! Have you browsed our “voice talent demos”? You will definitely find someone getting pretty close to the celebrity voiceover which you are after! If you do not find the right voice, please contact us, and our project managers can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the voice over recording, we will gladly record a new version for you.


We deliver you a quote based on the info you’ve provided either on our website or verbally via phone call (e.g. size of your script, media usage, choice of voice talent, etc.). Once you have approved the quote, we place your order with the voice talent chosen for the assignment.

Yes. If you know that your script is due for recording on a specific date, you can book a voice talent in advance. This will reduce the delivery time. You can cancel anytime up until 24 hours prior to the scheduled recording. From then, a cancellation fee will be charged to compensate the voice talent.

Each category of voice overs we do has some basic service inclusions. Also included in the price of a voice over is the voice talent fee, booking and studio fee (if applicable) and editing of the recording. The editing is limited to only removing errors from the recording, which means that you will receive one sound file containing the entire recording. At an additional fee we can split the recording into smaller consecutive files, e.g. matching marked, paragraphs in the script.

Yes. Please contact us for discount rates. How large a discount we can offer depends on the type of project and which voices you have chosen.

This page shows the ”from price” for each line of business- Factors such as language, media usage, voice talent popularity, style, terminology, length of script, and deadline could also affect the rate. Contact us for a quote.

Rates are dependent on whether your voice over is used for a voicemail or a nationwide TV commercial. For example, voice talents charge differently for recordings used for broadcast usage (radio, internet, and TV) than for non-broadcast recordings.

Generally, broadcast is defined as radio, internet, and TV usage. Non-broadcast is usage for all other media, e.g. eLearning, video presentations, podcasts.

Yes. Your voice over can have audio mastering for an extra charge. Mastering means ready-to-use audio, and we offer you both soft and hard mastering.

Yes. We can arrange for you to talk to the voice talent before he/she goes into the studio via a Live Brief. We can also coordinate your conversation during recording itself via a Live Session.

Within 24 hours for most voice talents. Delivery time depends on script size and the voice talent you have chosen. But we will always meet your deadline.


Our voice talents live in their native countries and record in voice acting studios in their local area. Therefore, it is not possible for them to come into your studio. Instead, we offer Live Sessions to allow you to remotely be a part of the recording.

Your script is recorded in a professional studio. All our voice talents use professional home studios, and the quality of the equipment and sound is always verified by Voicearchive’s sound engineers before offering a certain voice to our customers.

A real-time conversation between you and voice talent during the entire recording session to ensure directions are followed and interpretations are adapted properly.

We can quickly and easily implement changes to the script after the recording’s has been done. A re-recording fee will be charged and depends on how much text you need re-recorded.

This is not a recording issue. You need to have your audio file mixed in a post-production studio supporting multi-channel surround formats or stereo to surround up conversion. We can do that for you!

Yes. We will happily offer a custom demo free of charge.

Yes, we can assign as many voice talents as you need for each recording.

Editing and formatting

Yes. We have a staff of professional sound engineers working that can help if you need post editing, e.g. audio files split into smaller files, marked, timed/synchronized to a film/video.

Yes. If you want to add music and sound effects (e.g. reverb, thunder, the sound of a roaring car engine, whatever) you need to have the final mix and mastering done in a mastering studio.

We support all common audio formats including wave, mp3, aiff and others.

Yes. Your voice over can have audio mastering for an extra charge. Mastering means ready-to-use audio, and we offer you both soft and hard mastering.

Apply as voice talent

Thank you for choosing Voicearchive. Our biggest asset is our team of professional voice talents so please submit your application here.

No. We are not a marketplace. Our voice talents are vetted, onboarded, and join our team.

This depends on the voice skills of the talent. Once you have been listed in our database, you will be onboarded through a process that explicitly details the expectations and tells you the pay.