Get versatile and genuine children’s voices with VoiceArchive

A genuine child voice can enchant any listener. Nothing produces childlike reactions in the listener like a child’s voice, speaking naturally and freely. And that is precisely what makes the recordings so unique. We cast children who have the courage to speak in front of the microphone – in a relaxed and natural manner and also in a wonderfully childlike way that can breathe life into everything from advertisements to videos.

A real child’s voice has a unique tone and particular nuance that can only be found in children’s voices and not in those of adults or AI (yet). A very distinct character trait that is difficult to imitate.

A safe recording environment creates magic behind the microphone

Our format takes its lead from and is designed around the young talent, with a focus on bringing out the best in the little performers. This way, they can create magic behind the microphone in a safe and fun recording environment with a trusted guardian. An incredibly important point, as the children must feel comfortable during the entire recording.

Focusing on nurturing and training young actors from different backgrounds and cultures allows us to make the best possible recordings. We believe that every child has the potential to shine and make a mark on the entertainment industry.

The most important things about our approach are:

  • nurturing a diverse pool of young talent
  • ensuring that each child’s unique talent is valued and embraced.

Child voices of every kind

We have a large pool of skilled voice talents under the age of 18 and down to the age of 3-4. Therefore, our child voices range widely when it comes to age and diversity in terms of tone of voice, expression, gender and also language. In this way, you have a much greater chance of finding exactly the voice that matches your message and the mood you want to evoke.

Should the child voice be an exuberant tween boy or a happy 5-year-old girl? The sound and overall experience can have a significant influence on the message you want to get across. Therefore, in our system, you can filter by emotion, expression, character, gender and much more – and in this way, find exactly the right child’s voice.

With us, you get children’s voice-overs with an emphasis on:

  • Ethics: All our children’s voices come with a valid consent form.
  • Approach: We constantly submit updated voice samples so you get an accurate impression of the voices.
  • Time-saving: We take care of everything, from planning castings to the actual recording. So, you save time searching for child voices and reduce your workload.
  • Quality assurance of new talent: We provide quality assurance because we find and train the children ourselves.
  • Happy children: Our most important mission is to make sure the children are happy and that they have fun standing behind the microphone.

360-degree voice-overs

In addition to localisation, developing child voices and a large pool of young talent, VoiceArchive also offers music and sound design for the final video. So, you get everything together in one place, which gives your production a sense of cohesion and makes life easier for you.

Considering child voices for your voice-over?

Then don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Even in the early stages of your production, we can help you out. With more than 20 years of experience in voice-over, we can find precisely the voice that matches your requirements, your target group and your message. Have a chat with one of our specialists and hear more about your options.

Are you looking for a child voice? We are help to help!

Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager