Adapting to the Digital Era: The Power of AI

We’re fully aware of how quickly technology is advancing, and we’re embracing its power to level up our services and make our clients’ experiences even better. By integrating AI and text-tospeech technologies, we’re enhancing our voice over casting process, combining human talent with cutting-edge innovation in perfect harmony.

Improvement of life from VoiceArchive

As a first step, VoiceArchive has rolled out a demo version of a free AI voiceover generator that can be sued to:

  • To test real voices – Instantly test voice over scripts for timing and tone of voice
  • For better matching – Find out if your selected voice is right for your project

Try the demo version HERE.

Unleash the Power of AI: Embrace the Possibilities

We remain committed to our exceptional voice artists, valuing their expertsie and artistic talents. Our integration of AI and synthetic voices is aimed at enhancing and streamlining the production processes.

Read our commitment HERE.