Do you need e-learning videos for teaching or educating employees, customers, and business partners? Then it is worth considering using a voice actor or actress. With an e-learning course, it is important to both teach and engage, and using a voiceover with the right voice can make a decisive difference.

At VoiceArchive, we can help with all phases of your voiceover, whether it be casting the right voice, translation into other languages, technical editing or practical editing. We will guide you through the entire production, so that you receive a tailored voice over that fits your video.

Why do you need a voice over for your e-learning video?

With an e-learning video, you must try to combine information, communication, and motivation for the intended target group, regardless if it’s in connection with teaching material, staff training, citizen communication, or user manuals. But why do you need voice over for your e-learning videos?

You must use voice overs in your e-learning videos because:


  • they make the course more exciting, and thereby the target group becomes more engaged
  • the information is stored more easily in the brain, as more senses than just the eyes are activated
  • you increase the accessibility of the content
  • you can teach without using a teacher, a room, etc.
  • they can easily be translated into another language and used again without losing their meaning.

There are therefore many advantages that relate to economic gain, efficiency, and accessibility.

Four types of voice overs in e-learning videos

Overall, there are four different voice overs for e-learning videos, where it is important that you choose the right one for your particular purpose and message.

1.     Elaborating voice overs

The content on the screen is explained in more detail.

2.     Paraphrasing voice overs

The content on the screen is summarized in a brief and concrete way.

3.     Verbatim voice overs

What is written on the screen is repeated verbatim.

4.     Descriptive voice overs

It describes what is presented on the screen.

  • Up to 600 words in European/US language.
  • Natural recording length, raw audio.
  • Dedicated project manager.
  • Specialized voice talent pool - ask our sales team.
  • MemoryBank for easy pronunciation storage.
  • Audio-Post-Production for + $85.
Add-ons for volume work:
  • Decreasing word prices above 600 words
  • Free production test and project planning
  • Batch deliveries possible
  • Custom auditions and extended voice persona castings

VoiceArchive has many years of experience with e-learning voice over

Do you have a handle on the script, voice over, voice actor, and post-production? If not, then VoiceArchive comes to your rescue. Regardless if your project is training of employees or staff or any other kind of other educational material,  we can help and provide voice overs for your project.

We understand your expectations and needs and always deliver a quality service at a fair price – regardless if it is your first time with an e-learning course or whether you are familiar with the process. We can also help with manuscript translation into one of our more than 150 languages if you want to get your material out to other target groups.

Want to know more?

Wether you want to get your project started or have questions, we are here to help!

Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager