Gaming has over the years become one of the biggest storytelling mediums in the world. With a plethora of competitions, large money proces, various games, virtual reality, AI, and other technological advancements that can make the gaming experience feel ‘out of this world’ and close to the real one. With the ability for users to literally embody the characters in the story worlds, the integrity of the discipline as an artistic, storytelling medium is undeniable.

But to spell bind gamers and make them be fully immersed and consumed by the incredible visual worlds – a story needs to be told to let them understand, that the world they are now entering is like nothing else. The NPCs and other characters’ special abilities and personalities must be supported by their voices, and at the same time, it is important to encapsulate the game’s universe and style.

When it comes to gaming, we work together with our ADRENALINE division, which specializes in dubbing movies and series. We can draw on their experiences from voice acting in our gaming work, and over the years, we have accumulated a knowledge of the different voices a game can contain. Through our video game voice actors, we can offer high-quality character voiceover, narrator voices as well as acting and instruction.

Gaming services:


  • Creative character casting
  • Character demo pool
  • Free avatar reading samples
  • Dedicated project manager and project plan
  • Full voice production, incl. Audio-post-production (M&E mix, dialogue splits)
  • Translation of script

Gaming prices:

From price ex VAT valid per star marked voice talent for up to 300 words character read – or 600 words narrator read – in a European language, natural recording length and single file splitting/naming.

  • Up to 300 words character acting.
  • Natural length recording in European/US language, raw audio.
  • Character demo pool - ask our sales team.
  • Audio-Post-Production for + $85.
Add-ons for volume work:
  • Creative character casting
  • Avatar auditions
  • Online Live Sessions for creative briefs

Gaming production:

We guide you through the stages of production, delivering personalized service and ensuring your project is successful.



It takes special qualities, voice training and acting experience to make a credible voice into an exciting character in a game. We work with the best voice actors and offer you a casting, including voice samples, so you can ensure you have the perfect voiceovers for your game.



Whether your game contains advanced dialogues, a single narrative voice, timing for specific images or a combination of all of these, we provide you with the coaching of the chosen professional voiceover talent through a live session. This ensures we can complete the project as optimally as possible with perfect results.



We provide the mastering and file format you need – ready to implement on your platform. We guarantee that our voiceover narratives and audio recordings are ready for all the platforms you want: Laptops, tablets, smartphones, headphones, etc.

Just like in movies and series, it’s the characters that make many modern games into a special experience for the viewer.