How voice auditions work

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Voice auditions are a very useful tool for you who is at the lookout for the perfect voice match for your next project. A selection of voice artist for an audition is either pre-chosen by you or suggested by us. VoiceArchive has now launched a new tool that will lift your audition experience with us to a new level. The tool includes:

  • Visualization of status: clear overview of auditions, buyout costs, non-competitor confirmation etc.
  • Casting history: option to refer to previous castings for later convenience
  • Flawless communication via our VoicePortal: no need for endless back and forth e-mails anymore
  • Add on for live session availability: check if the preferred voice artist is ready to take part in a live session

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How it works in real life

A customer contacted us with seven video files in English and asked for the possibility to source seven German voice artists that matched the identity of the characters in the videos to produce German voice overs.

Taking this information, we created a breakdown of the characters and segmented them by gender, age, tone of voice etc. The audition tool was then used to:

  • Select multiple talents for the different characters.
  • Clear the project details and scope with the selected voice artists and match the budget to the usage rights requested by the customer.
  • Communicate with the customer without the need for multiple email threads, by using our integrated chat option linked with all the project participants
  • Provide voice talents with the option to upload their audition recordings into the tool.
  • Continuous updates on auditions with the built-in notification feed.
  • Provide the customer with the option to download and listen to the recordings and select the preferred voice artists all within the audition tool.

The above key points clearly showcase the benefits of using the new tool when working with auditions in the early stages of a voice over project. This can additionally be supported by the experience we had with auditions prior to using the tool involving among others a less straightforward information exchange with both customer and voice talents and possibly resulting miscommunication.

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Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager