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Usually, when we think about voice overs its often in a context of commercials – maybe even movies. But innovative companies are increasingly adopting and using voice overs in their products and services to help guide and inform their users.

For example, you can get a vacuum cleaner that tells you when it’s time for you to empty its dust bin,  a headset that can motivate you during your weekly run, listen to audiobooks, and educational apps that help you learn pronounciate words. Even Apple’s Siri is voice by an actual human.

It’s safe to say that voice overs used in action the possibilities are endless for your business and brand! 

Voice overs in technology and products

Audioguide voice over

An audio guide provides instructional information about a topic or a place excitingly and entertainingly. The audioguide has, in many cases, replaced the classic tour guide format, and for a good reason. An audioguide can include not only a great number of details but also an infinite number of languages, which is of enormous benefit to an attraction and its varied audience.

BMW case

App voice over

A fitness app needs a motivating and empowering voice, whereas an app for kids should probably have a fun and educational voice. All elements of developing a successful app are important, and the voiceover is no exception.

LEGO Life App case


Does your vacuum cleaner tell you when to empty it or does your garbage bin comment on your waste sorting? If you can invent the product, we can give it a voice.

Like speech synthesis but with a human voice, your product comes alive vocally. We provide high-quality voices for robots, dolls, sophisticated electronics, and wearables in more than 120 languages, by creating fluent speech from small text bites.

Jabra case

Audiobook voice over

The narrator is an essential element to our experience of an audiobook. The voice, the voice acting, the pronunciation and the pauses all help to create a novel, a short story, or a poem. Works of non-fiction often require the audiobook narrator to familiarize themselves enough with the material to understand what needs to be read.

Audiobooks are usually streamed or downloaded. They can vary in length, and it requires a professional audiobook narrator that can read out longer texts at the same speed and style. It also requires a narrator who can engage the listener from the first to the very last page.

Documentary voice over

A strong documentary is built upon a focus topic, a visual expression and a narrative voice that can also be the documentary host. We all know by now David Attenborough, Lars Mikkelsen or Morgan Freeman’s voices, which can tie a documentary together for a captivating overall experience. It is the subject, the expression and the voice that together should entertain, teach, and inspire the audience.

In a radio documentary, the voice is even more important, as it should be able to stand alone with the subject without accompanying visuals, perhaps supported by music, sound effects and foley.

Products and technology voice over prices

  • Up to 600 words, passive usage.
  • Natural recording length, raw audio.
  • Dedicated project manager.
  • Specialized voice talent pool - ask our sales team.
  • MemoryBank for pronunciation storage.
  • Audio-Post-Production for + $60.
Add-ons for volume work:
  • Bulk agreements for volume jobs
  • Custom auditions
  • Online Live Sessions for creative briefs
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