Online Live Sessions are a great option for any voiceover project as they provide personalized, high-quality service and fast results. VoiceArchive’s Online Live Sessions are based on three main basic needs of the creative world:

  • The freedom to experiment on last-minute ideas.
  • The need to have complete control over a project.
  • The demand for fast, high-quality results

However, a need that our standard live sessions usually do not cover is the presence of a sound engineer from VoiceArchive´s side in the session as a supporting factor. And this is where our advanced live sessions come into play. With this tool, you receive all the advantages of our standard live session and in addition:

  • The option for live mixing and editing (for example with music or sound effects) for creative sign offs in the live session done by one of our sound engineers.
  • The option for watching a video, the VO will be used for, while listening to the speaker recording
    Creative sparring and cultural/native input by the selected voice talent on provided brief/script when recording for international markets.
  • A recording session of highest quality that allows an unlimited number of participants to join and easily connects you, the voice talent, and all involved VoiceArchive employees no matter where the single persons are located at that moment in time.

Success in 5 steps!

  1. We, at VoiceArchive, link to the voice talent’s studio and coordinate an interactive, all-parties-involved, online session.
  2. During this session, the voice actor is briefed and “acts” the script – as many takes as needed within the agreed timeframe.
  3. Our sound engineer sits ready to help with playbacks, live mixing and on-site editing.
  4. Your team can take the lead to fine-tune or even experiment on new ideas.
  5. Once the final cut is decided, the final recording/s are extracted, and our sound engineer delivers the desired final product to you.

As simple as that!

So, if:

  • You are on the lookout for a cost-efficient experience (charged per hour including an unlimited number of participants) to make sure your voice over project becomes the biggest possible success,
  • You would like to be present when the voice talent records to always maintain a high degree of influence including creativity and flexibility,

you should consider using our advanced live session tool for your next project! Get in touch to learn more!

Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager