At VoiceArchive, we focus on delivering high-quality voiceovers at a fair price for all types of projects. That is why we always do our best, regardless of your needs in relation to advice, planning, and project management.

Below you can see a sample of the services that we at VoiceArchive or our sister company, ADRENALINE, offer within voiceovers, dubbing, post-production, e-learning, etc. Our team of experts can help you cast the perfect voice and ensure you reach the finish line with your projects.

In VoiceArchive we are committed to delivering high quality voice over services that meet your budget and deadline.

VoiceArchives voiceover services

At VoiceArchive, we can help with virtually all kinds of voiceovers, which is why we offer a broad service portfolio, f.x.:

Voice over

We find the right voice for your message. It can be anything from advertisements to computer games so that you can effectively reach your target audience on any platform, in any format.


Our sister company, ADRENALINE, is the best dubbing partner, you’ll ever find. Their teams of skilled technicians and voice actors for dubbing commercials, profile films, corporate films, etc. help an impressive list of the biggest media- and entertainment clients and have become a trusted partner for Netflix among others.

E-learning videos

We combine information, communication, and motivation for the right target group via the right voice for e-learning videos or teaching material. Delivering knowledge and educating while motivating and engaging an audience is an art – and our artists have cracked the code.

Voicemail message

Create a good first impression with the right answering machine voice that matches your company’s identity, culture, and values. The right voice will help your audience keep in contact with you and make sure, you leave them with a positive and professional impression.

Post-production and mixing

We do both practical and technical editing so that the sound fits the desired platform, format and speaker. It can be a cinema spot, radio documentaries, TV advertising, etc.

Voice tools

We work with the latest technology in voiceovers and have developed several Voice Tools, which make it easy for you to optimize the process of recording voiceovers for both you and the artists.

More than 20 years of experience in the industry

At VoiceArchive, we understand the power of the voice when you want to convey a message. And therefore a voice is not just a voice – there is more strategy and branding behind it. We have more than 20 years of experience in the industry and our team of experts can help with any voiceover services.

We have more than 2,100 hand-picked voiceovers in our Voicefinder and more than 150 languages and accents that you can choose from, so you have plenty of opportunity to find the voice you’re looking for.

Are you in doubt as to whether we can help you with the right sound? Or whether one of our voiceover services is the right one? Feel free to contact us – we are always ready to help so that you end up with the right result, regardless if it is with us, one of our sister companies or somewhere else.