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You might be surprised to hear that the ever-growing trend in voiceovers is not something new. At least not for VoiceArchive. And we’ve seen it succeed with small, catchy, one-liner commercials. And also hard-sell, soft-sell or big cross-border, multilingual campaigns.

Online Live Sessions have a good reason to gain adepts as they provide personalized, high-quality service and fast results. VoiceArchive’s Online Live Sessions are based on the three basic needs of the creative world. They are:

  • The freedom to experiment on last-minute ideas
  • The need to have complete control over a project
  • The demand for fast, high-quality results

Success in 4 steps!

  1. We, at VoiceArchive, link to the voice talent’s studio and coordinate an interactive, all-parties-involved, online session.
  2. During this session, the voice actor is briefed and “acts” the script – as many takes as needed.
  3. Your team can take the lead to fine-tune or even experiment on new ideas.
  4. Once the final cut is decided, the voice talent extracts the recording. And then our sound engineers deliver the desired end product to our clients. As simple as that!


Online Live Sessions: Tone is important, creativity is key!

Why is this free voiceover tool so popular?

Do you want to know more?

We have been working closely with Creative Producers and Managers for years, and it has always been with a problem-solving mindset. This makes a VoiceArchive project manager the go-to person when an issue arises.

We have a mission to keep creating voice-over solutions that will help – big or small – businesses achieve fast, high-quality results. And the results are 100% aligned with what they have in mind. Because of this, we have created a tool that:

  • Offers fast results
  • Saves time and money (transport, studio bookings, meeting expenses, etc.)
  • Its demand skyrocketed during the Pandemic due to its safety
  • Allows liberty of experimentation
  • Gives 100% creative control over the outcome

It’s a lot more than just fine-tuning.

We value creativity and we have years of experience both with “big sharks” and with “small fish” of the sea! Media production companies have a lot on their plate and it’s usually the voice-over that comes last down the “inspiration-to-implementation” path.

Most often than not, there is a deadline just around the corner. So, they have to be fast but, at the same time, have the freedom of last-minute, creative experimentation. Because you never know when you’ll get a genius idea!

Trust us on one thing. Creative minds move fast and a lot might change during a voice-over live session. Especially when the people in charge have the chance to directly interact with their voice actor of choice.

Combining the power of humans with top-notch technology for decades

Our years of experience in translation, voiceovers and post-production make localization our expertise. As a result, apart from our Voice Live Sessions, we have developed a set of tools to help our clients achieve maximum localization for their projects!


Other IT resources our clients enjoy:

  • MemoryBank: have full control over how each word will be pronounced. Upload your pronunciation guides to our portal for the voice talents to access at any time.
  • VoiceSelector: A customized and branded online platform for you to showcase a pool of voice talents. It will meet your language, gender, age, tone, and price range requirements. Either to present internally to your team or to external clients.
  • Smart Ordering System: Manage your orders twice as fast – We offer an easy workflow to keep track of voice-over productions. We unify all the information related to audio production (price, voice talents, orders, etc.) under the same portal. Eliminating pitfalls and saving your company internal time.



In need of voice-over services?

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