Smart Production

What would you say if we told you that it is possible to scale up production of 12 languages and 350 TV spots to 23 languages and +1000 TV spots?


A close partnership and joint development make producing an increased number of TV commercials with the same staff and with a reduced cost per unit possible. And that’s exactly what we achieved together with one of our closest and most innovative partners in the retail industry.


Let’s tell you how we did it.

Eliminate /
simplify /
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… with Voicearchive’s smart production


Together with our partner, VoiceArchive came up with an easy workflow to keep track of files, languages, and productions. A crucial aspect of this new improved workflow was simplification. That is, simplifying and unifying all the information related to audio production, and gathering it all under the same portal and with a notification system. Because this notification system will automatically notify all parties involved – from the briefing and script upload to the final delivery. And that’s smart!

So, by gathering all information under one simplified portal with a price overview, following all aspects of the audio production the system became a reality for everyone. All e-mail correspondence could be omitted. Instead, notifications regarding deadlines were automatically sent to the relevant people in each stage of the process. Quick and easy.


Our smart production in facts

With our smart production you’ll be able to:

Smart Production

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Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager

Simplify your audio productions

… And keep track of your multilingual audio productions

If you’re a global company, you must be no stranger to multilingual audio productions. Our partner was certainly not. With business expanding over 50 markets, different language versions were a must. Here’s where our MemoryBank comes in.

Our MemoryBank is a tool to ensure 100% control over the pronunciation of different words in all languages – avoiding retakes due to pronunciation errors.


How do we scale audio production?

A scalable and secured solution with API integration

It’s not magic, just tech.

To ensure a combination of secure data management, and the ability to scale the audio production of our global partner, an API integration was set up. Our partner’s API integration automates order creation, so orders can be automatically created by filling a spreadsheet.

VoiceArchive offers a system that gathers and automates as much as possible without compromising the personalized service of a dedicated team. A dedicated project manager monitors every stage of the audio productions. And this way, partners can still keep a direct point of contact and close management of their audio productions in a workflow suitable for all productions, from e-learning to video presentation or advertisement.

All in all, a well-oiled workflow focused on the tech that translates into fewer work hours and less staff involved. And it reduces your internal time and costs, so you can utilize your time on other things.




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Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager