What's VoiceArchive's VoiceSelector?

VoiceArchive’s VoiceSelector is a tool we gladly put at the service of our customers and customers to be. With an external platform tailored to your organization, you are a One-Stop-Shop for clients. Our dedicated team is able to create:

 External links with voice selections and castings to present to your clients or internally to the rest of your team.

We can also provide you VoiceSelectors with branded skins to fit your brand.

Neatly organized and branded voice castings

Voice Selectors can be created on a project basis, but also on given talent pools based on language and a price range. Let’s say you or your client usually need VOs in German, English, and French, and have a designated budget. If this is the case, our team will make sure of providing you with a VoiceSelector that contains voice talents in those languages and price ranges. That way, you’ll have a quick overview of the talents fitting your briefing and budget.

We are here to accommodate your needs – you name them.

Take a better look at VoiceArchive’s Voice Selector in this video:

Want to discuss how can you and your company benefit from our voice tools?

Our team will gladly explain in detail the benefits of our Voice Selector and how it can fit your productions.
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Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager

Jessica Olofsson

Key Account Manager