When a crisis hits the world, there is always a phoenix rising from the ashes.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed business models, technology choices, and ways of interacting in the blink of an eye. With it, the demand for audio production and voice-over was expected to increase in 2020 due to the higher demand for content during the pandemic… and audio did just that, with a continuous increase that goes well into the New Year. The reason for this era of audio is no secret: audio is the most immersive media format that triggers memorability, trust, and connection.

But how does audio come to life? VoiceArchive has developed a certain way of producing and delivering audio. Let us walk you through the steps of VoiceArchive’s audio production and provide you with a business case along the way.

From casting to the final delivery – a step-by-step guide

Finding an effective audio production for your project can seem like a rather lengthy and difficult process. However, there is no need to feel discouraged. From VoiceArchive, we’ll happily help you with your project by utilizing our complete remote setup backed up with more than 20 years of experience. All designed to ensure our audio productions always run smoothly.


Cast your voice talent crew

What can we do for you?

In our voicebank, you can find a wide spectrum of voices in various languages and accents, in a variety of styles, and ranging the whole spectrum between masculine and feminine. Fresh, young, and urban, or wise, poised, and character like – you name it.

Yet, we know that when producing voice-over, time is of the essence and you might need a helping hide to guide you in the casting process. Luckily, we’re experts in helping find the perfect voice for our customers. How do we cast? Based on your briefing, our team will provide you with a personalized link via our voice selector, containing the recommended voices for your brief.

Production – let’s give your project its own voice

Are you localizing your project?

Now that you feel the assurance of having the perfect voice inside of your palm for your project, we can start looking at the production. Before getting started, you have the opportunity to book additional services, such as translation or subtitling, if you need to have your script translated into other languages to localize your project to other markets.

Once that is settled, your project is handed over to our production team of skilled project managers. They will work their magic and, ensuring high-quality deliveries and the documentation, if needed, of all the important aspects to the success of the recording, such as requesting pronunciation guides to store via our Memory Bank tool. Here, you will have the opportunity to upload these pronunciation guides in your language of choice, and the voice talent will have access to these guides any time they need, cutting down time-consuming back-and-forth consultation and avoiding retakes. This ensures more precise work with an effective consumption of work hours. You can also book an Online Live Session with the involved parties, including a project manager from VoiceArchive, to channel your inner instructor and offer creative direction to the voice talent(s).

Post-production – The last fine-tuning of your voice over

The icing on the cake

The post-production service covers several processes, like mastering, mixing, file split, and conversion of the audio. An audio file consists of various sounds, and they need to be aligned in the right way. This is where the mixing comes into the picture. To add the final cherry on the pie, the mastering will secure the enhancement of the crispness and clarity of sound.

In addition, the final use of the voice-over audio plays a quite substantial role in the success of your project. Our Post Producers prepare voice-over audio to be played back on the final listening device based on the customer’s specifications. The audio is adjusted to the intended consumption like in a cinema, on a tv, or a smartphone, or tablet. What’s more, the Post Production team can especially ensure compliance from country to country if your audio needs to meet a broadcast standard.

In summary, our professional recommendation will always be to book Post-Production because the quality of sound makes a substantial difference for the target audience. You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your audio is fit-for-purpose by adding a minimal amount of time to the delivery timeline.

Delivery – a safe link directly into your inbox

When we have made sure that the audio is crisp clear and that it lives up to the highest quality standards for the right platform, we’ll send you a link for you to download the audio file(s) in the format(s) you need.

Needless to say, if you need further assistance at any stage of the project, we’ll always be happy to lend a helping hand. We run all our projects with flexibility in mind, and always strive to accommodate your needs in a quick and effective way – even last-minute ones.

Let's picture all this:

Voice-over ordering business case

Imagine you’re working at an agency – creative, e-learning, you name it.

You need a voice-over in 15 languages for a video presentation for one of your clients. The video presentation shows the new product they are launching.

You decide to contact us.

Within a maximum of 24 hours (in most cases less), our sales team
provides your agency with three voice talents for each of the 15 languages in a shareable link customized with your branding, the voice selector.

Next, and when in doubt of which voice actor to choose, our team can deliver a custom read of each voice talent (that is, reading some lines of your actual script) to present to your client.
At this stage, VoiceArchive’s team might suggest a live session for the main language version of the video, that can be used as a master of intonation and delivery style for all other languages (this is typically the English version). Our live session ensures the delivery is spot-on, by offering an online connecting point for you, a project manager from VoiceArchive, and the voice talent(s). Here you can share creative input to make sure the delivery is right.

The voice talent(s) will record from their approved home studio set-up.
We handpick our voice talents and assess their studio to comply with our audio quality standards. If you’ve decided to book Post-Production, all your recordings will be mastered before delivering them to you, to ship to your client.

As easy as that.

Want if you’re ready to take everything up a notch? If you’re looking into scaling up your production, we offer an automated ordering solution.

Do you want to discuss your next voice-over project with us?

We’re all ears.

Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager