It is the first thing that both current and potential customers hear when they call your business. It is the first interaction that helps to form a first impression that is not just about to change. In other words, it doesn’t matter which voice your customers hear first when they call you.

At VoiceArchive, we guide you through the entire process of your new professional answering machine so that you get the right sound for your company. We help with everything from casting voices to setting up systems, and we test the speech and deliver in the desired file format. We are also happy to translate the manuscript into one of the more than 150 languages that we have here in the company.

The role of the professional answering machine

It may sound strange with the necessity of a professional answering machine in the golden age of the Internet. But there can be many reasons why you need to record a voicemail message.

It can be a waiting response, queue response, night response or a welcome menu or holiday message. If customers are going to bother listening to your answering machine message, it is also important that it is of good quality.

A professional telephone speaker can be essential to improve your customer service where the competition is tough and where customers are hard to catch. A prepared answering machine can offer fantastic solutions for your business communication and not least help your customer service.

But the telephone voice also becomes an expression of your culture, values and identity. That is why it is not completely unimportant about dialect, tone of voice, pitch and speed, as everything will contribute to the first impression.

Benefits of using an answering machine in your business

1. It enables customer retention.
2. It reduces the need for administrative support.
3. It allows customers to leave a detailed message.
4. It gives you time to prepare a solution rather than doing it in real time.
5. It is extremely convenient outside of working hours.
6. It improves business efficiency.
7. It provides screening of calls and better prioritization of customer calls.

Isn’t telephone speaker obsolete?

Although the use of calls and thus voicemail messages is decreasing, a professional telephone speaker still has a place in an organization’s communication. It may be relevant if customers call outside of working hours, when the phone is not active. Here you can offer the customer services, tell them what they have to do now, or inform them about the office hours so they can call again.

It is also relevant if you have to guide customers to the right experts in the company and thereby provide them with the best service. It streamlines the workflow, and unnecessary time is not spent forwarding calls around the company.

  • Up to 300 words.
  • Requested file format.
  • IVR demo pool - ask our sales team.
  • Favorable update fees.
  • MemoryBank for pronunciation storage.
  • Post-production + $85.
Add-ons for volume work:
  • Ask for bulk spot rates or volume production
  • Extended voice persona castings

Find your professional answering machine message at VoiceArchive

At VoiceArchive, a voice is not just a voice, and the same goes for a voicemail message. That’s why our experts are ready to cast the perfect voice that matches your company’s profile.

You can either use our Voicefinder or contact us directly if we need to start the search for voices for your voicemail message. You can also use our price package overview below, so you can get an estimate of our solutions and what we can help with.

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