Voice Over Case Study Shaping New Tomorrow

SHAPING NEW TOMORROW is an Aalborg-based company founded in 2015 by three childhood friends with one mission: to change the way people think about traditional menswear by creating the perfect synergy between comfort and style. Now an international clothing brand, SHAPING NEW TOMORROW has challenged and reassessed how menswear should feel and look, to create new a new dimension of comfort.

Their solution has been positively welcomed by thousands of customers and SHAPING NEW TOMORROW has currently stores all around Denmark, as well as a thriving online shop that helps them deliver world-class quality clothing to most places in the globe.

SHAPING NEW TOMORROW and VoiceArchive joined forces for the brand’s grand opening in Aarhus. Prior to their opening days, SHAPING NEW TOMORROW came up with a brand-new, refreshing and dynamic campaign to present their new clothing line: NEW TOMORROW. With it, they challenged their customers to reflect on what makes them feel truly free.

Modern Authentic Voice-over: a new fresh trend

In VoiceArchive we’re experts in our field, which means we stay on top of all new industry trends. One of these new trends is known as Modern Authentic. Modern Authentic is an underplayed, friendly voice-over with an authentic feel. Not exceptionally articulated or over the top. Within this trend, the voice-over actor might not be a native speaker. This was the case in SHAPING NEW TOMORROW’s campaign.

For this video, SHAPING NEW TOMORROW uses a Scandinavian voice for their English advertisement. In this way, the English recording has a slight Scandinavian accent. A Danish one, to be more specific, since it was one of our Danish talents who recorded both the English and Danish versions. We also worked together in a German voice-over for the campaign. The collaboration with SHAPING NEW TOMORROW was agile, collaborative and creative.

SHAPING NEW TOMORROW had a tight schedule to match the grand opening of their store in Aarhus, Denmark. With this deadline in mind, both parties got to work, finding the right solution together in close collaboration. SHAPING NEW TOMORROW provided a briefing and a dummy speak in Danish that VoiceArchive used as a reference, quickly casting the voice talents to fit their message and brand. Given the brand’s nature, an authentic, relaxed yet compelling voice-over was the perfect choice to convey the message.

The result is an outstanding video that rightfully represents their vision of New Tomorrow: menswear that challenges convectional manufacturing practices within the textile industry without compromising in comfort and aesthetics. Menswear that allows and defies men to feel genuinely free and comfortable, to able to seize the day, whatever challenges it might bring.

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Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager