Reading should be fun – and with Reading Eggs, it is!

10000+ elementary schools and 10 million children in 169 countries

Reading Eggs is on a mission to make learning to read easy and fun for children all around the world.
With an innovative, engaging, and interactive approach, Reading Eggs teaches children to read and to love reading by reigniting the excitement and fun that reading should be.

With their multi-award-winning reading program, Reading Eggs crafts an exciting journey full of wonder and imagination for children aged 3-13, in which they learn how to read via games, rewards, and songs. Developed by a team of expert educators and based on solid scientific research on how children learn, Reading Eggs uses gamification to set up a motivating rewards system that builds the confidence, motivation, and pride of the younger ones.

Conquering the mission:

A lifesaver during 2020 and 2021 lockdowns

With all the disruptions in 2020, many children fell behind in key reading skills. Thankfully, Reading Eggs was there to save the day, and assist thousands of families with children from ages two to 13. As the perfect home learning support, a study found out that children who used Reading Eggs during school shutdowns improved by an entire grade level.

It’s not a surprise that popularity sky-rocketed, and that the program ended up being mentioned on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

So what’s VoiceArchive’s role on all this?

A supporting and enabling one!

Voices play a key element in Reading Eggs, being a tool to boost engagement in the platform. We deliver small voice-over snippets that illustrate pronunciation and encourage children from within the program.

We completely stand behind Reading Eggs’ mission and pride ourselves greatly in being able to contribute to this outstanding project. For us to work in perfect synergy with Blake, we have a special delivery method set-up for our collaboration with Blake eLearning & Reading Eggs, in which we deliver directly to their system via API integration.

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