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In 2021, video has already been established as the most successful content tool in the hands of marketers when it comes to Social Media advertising campaigns. Each day consumers actively choose to stream explainer videos, product reviews, or Q&As to learn more about a brand. So, if you want to ensure you’re persuading your target audience, video marketing should definitely be included in your online marketing strategy.

But it’s not only due to increased popularity that video marketing should be included in your online marketing strategy.

95% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

(Wyzowl’s Video Research, 2020)

Audio Quality in SoMe Campaigns

Producing a video just “for the sake of it” is one of the most common mistakes and a possible reason why an Ad might be underperforming. You should carefully “craft” your video campaign based on a deep understanding of your target audience. Here’s what you should consider:

  • Which SoMe platforms does my audience prefer?
  • How do they consume video?
  • When do they consume video?
  • What kind of language best resonates with my audience?
  • What are the current video trends?

The Sound On / Sound Off Question


When thinking about the last question “How does your audience consume video” then surely you will have to address the “sound on/sound off” question – one of the trickiest questions when it comes to video creation.  There seems to be a piece of debatable advice to create sound off videos, as most of the content consumed by users is consumed in “sound-off” mode… or so it is believed! Voice overs can increase performance and engagement of your video campaign.


Audio remains a critical element in making successful ads, and the trend of “sound-off” video consumption trend is shifting, especially after the AirPod Pro frenzy!

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Recent studies – see Facebook for Business bar chart below – have revealed that people consume video mostly “sound-on” or – at least – “sound optional”. As a result, any discount on audio quality can result in underperformance!

Video Consumption Research

And now that the question has been answered, let’s dedicate some time analyzing important features and campaign opportunities of the 3 leading SoMe platforms:

Instagram Ad Campaign



Reels is a relatively new Instagram feature where you can share and discover short videos. Like TikTok, these short videos are 15-second multi-clip videos offering you various effects and audio selections to make the result as entertaining as possible. Users’ only limitation is their creativity!

Instagram reels appear on the user’s Explore page, taking up a vertical space double in dimensions the space of an Instagram photo. This results in higher performance chances meaning that reel clips have higher chances to be discovered. Just like the Instagram posts, reels have a comment section, which make them ideal for boosting engagement.


Once educational content is trending, creating, and including it in your campaign is a great idea — companies mobilize it to give their followers tips and ideas, brand aesthetics or teach them how to get the best brand experience. Reels are short and sound is an important content feature. So, do not miss out on this trending opportunity.


Posts and Stories


These two are digital marketing “classics” since they have been successful for quite some time. In these cases, nothing drives engagement like a video! Let alone when it’s in a language that can easily resonate and be understood. Saving and sharing video clips is a new concept for most SoMe users.

Remember: your brand name shows up at top left part of the video, so don’t publish low-quality content that you don’t want associated with your brand.

Facebook Ad Campaign

1.25 billion of them view videos just on Facebook Watch (Facebook’s streaming video service) monthly.


Facebook videos, trending among Social Media and Paid Media marketers since 2017, are now content kings for good reasons. Not only do video Ads get more clicks (two times more, according to Databox’s recent experiment), but they give marketers the freedom of creativity to show off a brand’s personality and connect emotionally with an audience.

“Facebook video ads have emerged as one of the most effective formats marketers have at their disposal. Knowing how to create scroll-stopping, engaging video ads on Facebook will help any marketer become instantly more competitive on the platform.” (Adspresso, 2020)

The chart shows the sound on-off situation. Sound off can be the case for feed scrolling. In stories and live TV, where people dedicate their time and attention, sound is on.

LinkedIn Ad Campaign

A LinkedIn campaign is very similar to this of Facebook, however, it can result in even higher engagement and reach since it can be specifically targeted based on professional-related variables. As LinkedIn Marketing Solutions describes, video Ads:

  • Grow brand awareness & loyalty
  • Deepen relationships with professionals

LinkedIn best practices confirm that a professional audience can be captivated with native video at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Our years of experience in the industry are aligned with the above statement. Videos are highly impactful and targeted voice overs  can take your video campaign to the next level, as well as  contribute to video quality and make the voice of your brand sound professional. As a result, they can attract a professional audience by valuing knowledge that comes from authority sources.

The Gist

  • Don’t create a video campaign just for the shake of it
  • Focus on your audience’s online behavior
  • Focus on sound quality
  • Include multilingual video content strategy
  • Voice overs can increase engagement and performance of a video campaign
  • Take advantage of trends

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