Bad vs Good Audio Quality

Poor audio quality affects video performance. So, give your video a chance to be heard with professional, high-quality audio and voice-over.

In a recent experiment, people rated a physicist’s talk at a scientific conference as 19.3% better when they listened to it in high-quality audio vs slightly distorted, echo-prone audio.

So, you can now understand that when audio quality is high, people judge the content as better and more important. They also judge the speaker as more intelligent, competent, and likeable.


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LEWITT: Bad vs Good Audio

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Since the audience associates the message with the speaker, a hard-to-understand speaker lowers our impression of the message, let alone the product. So, your audio quality, as well as the speaker, must sound professional as people become more suspicious and less trusting when they spot poor quality.

University research revealed that people think that when you sound native, you also sound smarter!

This bar chart illustrates the effects of different audio quality on the ratings of two science talks on YouTube.

(Schwarz & Lee, 2019)

Video Performance : Audio Quality. VoiceArchive

Even if this statement is bias and based on stereotypes, it reveals the unconscious thought process of consumers. It might also reveal the reason why videos with voice-overs perform so much better than subtitled ones.

Our experience has revealed that voice-overs are that small detail that results in a huge difference. So, international corporations never underestimate voice-overs.

How Can a Voice-Over Save The Day?

  • Professional quality

  • HQ in all devices

  • Native Speakers

  • Consultation from a sound engineer

  • No background noises

  • High-quality audio is guaranteed

  • Voices aligned to brand guidelines

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