CLICK&LEARN is an award-winning full-service elearning agency with 20 years of experience and based in Linz, Austria.

CLICK&LEARN provides its customers with a Learning Management System to host e-learning content. They are also experts in crafting the e-learning content to be uploaded to the LMS. With their own team of copywriters and designers, CLICK&LEARN offers 360º e-learning solutions.

Why does CLICK&LEARN work with VoiceArchive

VoiceArchive and CLICK&LEARN’s collaboration dates all the way back to 2013. Ever since then, VoiceArchive has been regularly delivering high-quality elearning voice overs in 26 languages that match CLICK&LEARN’s outstanding content.

Through our collaboration, we free time for CLICK&LEARN, so that they can focus on their own deliverables. It is our job and responsibility to find the right talents for their project, coordinating with them and finding alternatives in case of inconveniences. Additionally, we assist with audio post-production.

CLICK&LEARN and VoiceArchive have achieved the perfect synergy. Our collaborations are fast and efficient, based on a real feeling of partnership and cooperation. We work together on creating this elearning voice over with a pre-negotiated rate, a designated talent pool, and an optimized workflow with a designated project manager at all times.

VoiceArchive’s project managers are here to identify and resolve common pitfalls and to ensure your project’s success. CLICK&LEARN flawlessly takes care of delivering engaging elearning voice overs and spot-on animations to support their content.


Voice in this video:

Listen to Justine
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The results

Delivering relevant narrative voices, specific to an audience, is what we do best. In e-learning, the voice must build a character that keeps the attention of the listener and supports the message. Yet, the character must not steal the show as the focus should remain on the content of the e-learning module. Clarity over uniqueness is the way to go when casting a voice-over talent for e-learning.

Here you can watch and listen to three corporate e-learning samples that represent the work done together with CLICK&LEARN.

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Takeaways for e-learning voice over

Voice-over narration in E-learning can be extremely useful as an educational tool, provided you translate your content and choose a suitable actor for the task. A successful e-learning voice-over catches and holds the attention of the listener to enhance learning outcomes. To do so, you must remember to:


  1. Identify your audience to choose the appropriate style.

Who’s the target audience? Are they adults or children? Native speakers or international students? Is your e-learning module part of in-house corporate training for your new employees?

It is essential to know who your target audience is since the way to address said audience won’t be the same. Think about the objective of your E-learning module and how you want to captivate your audience.


  1. Avoid automated voices – pick a professional talent.

We’re all familiar with automated voices such as Alexa and Siri. They sound modern and provide you with valuable information. However, there’s a catch. These voices sound extremely automated and non-human.

Choosing an automated voice will make it difficult for your listeners to engage with the content. There are nuances, pauses, and intonations that a computerized voice can’t replicate. This human factor is essential to provide your audience with the same level of connection they would experience in a regular classroom. If the voice-over is uninspiring, dull and lacking dynamism, the audience will simply switch off. There are no second chances.


  1. Choose a voice that represents your content and speaks to your audience.

The choice of e-learning voice-over greatly depends on the subject and length of the E-learning course. An E-learning module about software development and a module about communication won’t be using the same lexicon and won’t be needing the same voice-over. Additionally, the length of the course will determine the importance of the stamina required from the voice-over talent.

Choosing a voice that represents the content of your course also includes considering the cultural backgrounds of your target audience. It makes a difference whether you are addressing a newly hired employee in Germany or Australia.


Voice in this video:

Listen to Roman
elearning voice over voicearchive

CLICK&LEARN and Transgourmet

Voice in this video:

Listen to Andreas
elearning voice over voicearchive