eLearning Voiceovers in 6 Languages

On the east coast of Jutland is the city of Aarhus’ municipality, known in Danish as Aarhus Kommune. With responsibility for several social programs, Aarhus Kommune works to create a vibrant, inclusive, and engaged city for all its inhabitants.


Recognizing the challenge that many children have difficulty learning Danish when speaking a different native language, Aarhus Kommune approached us to help them find a solution. With the goal of strengthening children’s writing and reading capabilities, the eLearning program READ was developed and voiced over to raise parental engagement by offering knowledge that can be used to guide self-education of their children.

To ensure the program’s relevance, professional eLearning voiceovers in Danish and 5 additional languages were requested for their videos.

Considering our familiarity with the eLearning category, we were able to quickly offer our timecode tool to assist in aligning timing in all voice-over files; making the videos more enjoyable to watch. Through soft mastering, we were then able to take the raw voiceover audio files and adjust them to sound cleaner and clearer.

Once satisfied, we did a file split on the voice-over, then also split the original files into groups, to ensure customer ease and efficiency in applying the files to the videos.


Delivering relevant narrative voices, specific to their audience, is the embodiment of what we do. Not only were Aarhus Kommune extremely happy with the result, we also continue to work together in bringing new voiceover projects to life.


Here you will find the videos in all the languages.

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Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager