How do you present your company’s values?

With a short corporate film, you can narrate how your company operates, introduce its values, visions, history, and development, all within a few minutes. However, the film only achieves its full impact when the right voiceover complements the visual elements.

In this post, we delve into the topic of corporate films and explain why a voiceover plays a crucial role.

Show who you are with a corporate film

It is essential for every company to showcase who they are, allowing potential customers to gain insight and decide if collaboration makes sense. This is particularly crucial for B2B companies, where the customer journey and decision-making process can be lengthy. A corporate film shows who you are, what you do, and helps potential customers remember you. This is just as important as keeping existing customers engaged.

A corporate film can highlight various aspects, whether it’s a product, a development, or a recent restructuring the company has undergone. As long as it relates to your company, there are no limits.

A typical corporate film explores various facets of a company, utilizing effects like motion, drone footage, or shots of employees solving tasks to signal agility and productivity. All of these are tied together by a voiceover that supports the visual elements.

Voiceovers play a crucial role in corporate films

A voiceover can act as a link between the visual part and the story to be told. The voiceover creates credibility and personality, figuratively guiding the viewer through the visual part and explaining it. Simultaneously, the voice is responsible for keeping the audience interested throughout the film. The right voiceover for a corporate film can, therefore:

  • Serve as a link between the visual and the narrative.
  • Create credibility and personality.
  • Capture the attention of potential customers.
  • Guide a customer through the story.
  • Serve as a characteristic for your brand.

How to find the right voice for your corporate film?

As we’ve established, the voiceover must be impactful and exude credibility for your brand. It’s essential that the chosen voice aligns with your brand. Since it’s often unclear how a company/brand sounds, this can be a challenge. For example, if you sell tires and many of your customers are workshops, predominantly male, a deep male voice might be suitable to create credibility and present your company.

However, if it’s about a genuine story to be told, and storytelling is emphasized, a child’s voice might be more appropriate.

Carefully consider how you want your customers to perceive your company and choose a voice based on that. Options could include:

  • Warm and natural
  • Mysterious and alluring
  • Young and energetic
  • Professional and credible
  • Friendly and conversational

The options are diverse, so invest time in making the right decision. Rhythm and speaking speed are also crucial in this context. Always listen to a selection of voices before deciding. For example, try our Voicefinder, where you can filter by language, industry, gender, and tone.

Find the Right Voice at VoiceArchive

We cannot emphasize enough how important a voiceover is for your corporate film. At VoiceArchive, we specialize in finding the right voice for every project. We understand what’s necessary and offer a wide selection of different speakers, each bringing their unique vocal profiles.

Feel free to contact us, and together we’ll find the perfect voice for your corporate film!

Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager