Traditionally, recording voice overs have been a time-consuming process. Initially, local recording studios and suitable voice talent needed to be found. Then, studio availability needed to be aligned to fit the talent’s and the client’s schedule. All involved could spend a full day on logistics.

Besides being a time-consuming process, the costs and pressure were high, and quality suffered. Not to mention the challenge of finding native voice talents in multiple languages to record at a physical studio, in a chosen city.

The pros of recording in a studio?

  • Clients can give creative feedback directly and help with pronunciation of tricky words or hitting the desired tone of voice.
  • Same day mix and delivery of the final audio.

The cons?

  • Expensive studio rents that are typically charged by hour.
  • Travel times are both time-consuming and expensive.
  • Challenges finding native language talents necessary for completing a global project.

Technology has advanced

… and the voice over industry has too.

A new wave of possibilities has emerged.

With voice talents using a remote recording setup (home studio) we can:

  1. Centralize audio recording with equipment and quality requirements.
  2. Centralize editing with a sound engineering team.
  3. Ensure each project is voiced by native voice talents.
  4. Use online Live Sessions to provide creative feedback – or free reading samples for style approval in advance!
  5. Provide a fast turnaround, meeting deadlines, at a fair price.

In this way, an incredible voice over can be recorded locally, securing native, local voices and a global project reach. At less time and costs.

But, how do we do it?

At voicearchive, our talents go through an application process where we are certain of their ability to comply with our equipment and quality requirements. Voice talents set up their studio and process to the specifications we give them. They deliver into our workflow and work as an extension of our team.

Thanks to tech, providing real-time feedback to the voice talents is no longer an issue as project managers, clients, and voice talents can meet online for a Live Session.

And pronunciation issues?

Again, technology to the rescue. Every order gives free access to our Memory Bank where we store difficult-to-pronounce words for our voice talents to get it right the first time. Once recorded, pronunciations are stored and accessible for all future orders.

Cooking a voice-over project?

Let us help. With many years of experience, we’ve assisted voice-over productions of all kinds.