People, brand names, or technical and corporate terms require on-point pronunciation. We ensure that your subject matter meets the requirements of pronunciation and understanding that different languages have, with our innovative tool Memory Bank.

If you are still unfamiliar with our smart one-take technology, this article will guide you over its main features.

Memory Bank

The New Global Standards

The world changes – and with it come new challenges

It is undeniable how the world is evolving in front of our eyes. The development of new, once unthinkable, technologies; the movement of people across the globe; or the presence of media in our lives. All of these changes are part of a global trend. This trend is both raising awareness about the rest of the world while making us embrace local cultures more than ever.

In VoiceArchive we have proudly built a voice-over network with big and small companies all around the globe thanks to our understanding of this tendency. This way, our colleagues from Mexico, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Denmark, are able to assist local needs that meet the new global standards.

However, this adaptation may also bring challenges. Working with multinational companies means understanding the complexities of catering to multilingual and multicultural audiences, which is why we developed Memory Bank.

A Simple Solution to a Complex World

What’s the solution?

Considering that VoiceArchive is a media company in the world we have just described, we knew more than anyone that we needed to overtake these difficulties to, not ony become more efficient, but to be able to meet the growing demands from our clients.

From giants of the manufacturing industry, to e-learning specialist, to other major fashion industries, our global clients need localised content for their various projects. Not only are we able to find the perfect native voice for their strategy, but we go on further, by providing the right pronunciation to their technic terminology, brand name or technology denomination.

Why is this necessary?

Let’s take Vestas, global leader in sustainable energy solutions and wind energy giant.
Any company producing and operating heavy machinery knows of the risks of skipping proper training, and the specific technical language that comes with such training. How to ensure proper pronunciation of technical, complex terms, sometimes even product or part names that are crucial for the understanding of the module? You record them, making sure pronunciation is on point and modules will be heard as intended, from Europe to Asia.

So… How Does Memory Bank Work?

No need for retakes or chains of emails trying to explain how to pronounce your projects. This tool encompasses your rules for an on-point pronunciation.

Whether it is technical terminology, the name of new machinery devices, or perhaps even an e-learning course for onboarding new international members of a team into the local customs, we have you covered.

How does this look in practice?

We have taken inspiration from the translation industry. From that inspiration, Memory Bank gathers your pronunciation guidelines for our professional voice talents to perform their job correctly. Here’s how:


Record Pronunciations

Once you decide on your project and all requirements have been cleared out, the professionals at VoiceArchive will ask you to record those words, acronyms, or terms that change pronunciation across languages.

Guides are kept on file forever and can be edited, expanded, or supplemented with other guides.


Avoid Dull Consultations

Now all you have to do is wait! VoiceArchive beats your deadline every time, all the time. In this part of the process, the voice actors will listen to your guidelines and implement them into your project.

Tired of consultations and long chains of emails? Memory Bank gives access to your guides to your selected voice talents without your intervention being required! Sit and relax, the project is now in our hands.



More Is MORE!

Your bank now has all of your current pronunciation guides, but… What if you need more orders in the future?

We got you covered. Memory Bank stores your pronunciation guides and allows you to expand them or change them every time you need them. There are no limitations in terms of volume because Memory Bank works by building on top of existing solutions, so scale up your productions!



We Beat the Deadline

Thanks to your instructions, and our technology, we are able to stay on top of global needs and local standards: Your project is done.

With Memory Bank, we reduce the retakes, we work more efficiently, and thus… We are able to deliver your work quickly, saving everyone time and effort. What is not to like?


And Now... What?

More tools?

If all of this sounded good, why not explore the rest of our Innovative Tools?

We work hard to develop solutions that make voice-over projects efficient, professional yet competitive in price. In VoiceArchive we have 20 years of experience in an an increasingly growing sector, being leaders of innovation and professional solutions to your proyects.

Do not hesitate to contact with your questions, we will be here to help you all throughout your process!

Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager