August 16th 2023

For more than 20 years, we’ve been connecting amazing voice talents with businesses all around the world. We’ve seen incredible voice talent careers grow, and creative content be created, all of which has touched, entertained, and educated so many people.

Now, our industry is stepping into a new era, one that inevitably involves artificial intelligence (AI) along with the challenges it creates and the possibilities it offers. This is exciting, but we also understand it could make some nervous. I want to assure you all that we’re just as committed to our voice talents now as we’ve ever been.

We have no doubt that generative AI, including text-to-speech (TTS) and voice cloning, will change our industry and is here to stay. However, with the democratization of AI – largely backed by the rise of ChatGPT and LLMs – the lack of governance and legislation on the matter is a concern we share with our voice talents. This is why I also want to formalize our position on this matter.

We are committed to helping our professional voice talents enter this new space, and to explore the possibilities it offers in an ethical and sustainable way.

We want to support our voice talents’ position in the new, unconstrained, and more competitive market where alternative AI options are largely self-regulated by big tech companies and lack clear rights and accreditation.

Our priority is to explore, build, and launch new offerings that will support individual voice talents directly with new solutions that benefit clients and talents mutually, take off repetitive tasks, and open up new possibilities for projects.

The heart of our business is our amazing voice talents and the unique, emotional performances they deliver. AI cannot replace this. It is here to help us do more and to create new opportunities for growth – not to take something away.

As we explore and embrace these new technologies, our promise and stance are described in more detail in our new AI section.

Let’s continue to make the world listen together, and make some voice.


Mathias Lynnerup Jakobsen
CEO, VoiceArchive