Explainer video explained

Can you explain your story within 30 seconds? That’s what makes a good explainer video. When you want to explain what your product or service can do and why it should be purchased, it’s crucial to keep the explanation as concise as possible. In this time, all benefits, features, and nuances should be highlighted. To make this achievable, you should use a good voiceover that can guide potential customers, tell your story, and present your product or service briefly and succinctly. But how do you best use a voiceover in an explainer video? That’s what this article is about.

In short: What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a video that succinctly and interestingly tells the story of your company. A video that communicates your key messages so that your target audience understands what you do. When they understand what your product or service is and why they should buy it, the likelihood of them investing is higher. There are different types of explainer videos:

  • Live Action – includes the appearance of real people and products and works best for companies selling physical products.
  • Screencast – a screen recording that shows your service. This version makes sense if you want to keep your production costs low.
  • Animated – currently the most popular form of explainer video, as it allows you to present your services in a simple way. This method is suitable, for example, for software companies that do not offer a physical product.

What role does a voiceover play in an explainer video?

The short answer: a significant one! Because without a voiceover, the message is lost. Therefore, the voiceover is crucial for whether your video will be successful or not. The right voiceover creates trust, clarity, and a positive mood that fits your company. In an explainer video, the visual part is usually designed to clearly and simply convey what you want to communicate. The right voiceover helps add depth to the content and adds a human element that, for example, an animation cannot provide. In short, a voiceover helps create a connection between your company and potential customers to establish a personal connection.

How do I find the right voiceover for my explainer video?

We hope that you now have no doubts about the importance of a voiceover for an explainer video. Of course, it’s not just about having any voiceover but the right one. But how do you find that? First of all, the voiceover should match your script. A voice talent should place emphasis correctly and vocally highlight the points that are crucial. For example, if your script has questions indicating a problem that a customer might face, the voice talent should vocally emphasize and underscore the importance of those questions. Furthermore, it’s essential that the chosen voice talent fits your brand and product. Here it is important to precisely define the target audience to determine who the explainer video is intended for. The explainer video is there to showcase your company and product in the best light, and the voiceover should be able to deliver that. Other crucial points for choosing the right voice talent include:

  • Rhythm
  • Speed
  • Gender
  • Desired tone

Once all the above points are considered, it’s finally about finding the right voice. Use our Voicefinder for this purpose and filter according to your chosen criteria.

Find your voiceover with us

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Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager