You get what you pay for; that adage applies to a great extent when it comes to the voiceover market, where quality can fluctuate. And here it is important that you do not simply choose the first or the cheapest that you come across. You must take the time to research the various voiceover agencies so that you get a provider who is interested in your project.


With the right quality voiceover, you can bring your video material to life and deliver an authentic message or convey information. You can also reach the intended target group in a more relatable way and thereby maximize the effect of the campaign. And there’s no shame in getting help to do exactly that.


In this post, we will go into more detail about what a professional full-service voiceover agency can help you with, and what the advantages are of choosing a professional agency that is responsible for the entire voiceover production.

What is a voiceover agency?

A voiceover agency deals with various voiceover services where they aim to hire voice artists to take care of their client’s projects. This can be in connection with, for example, advertisements, videos, audiobooks, e-learning, etc. How much the agency is involved in the process varies from agency to agency, but a full-service voiceover agency usually helps with:

  • planning
  • recruitment of voice talent
  • manuscript development
  • manuscript translation
  • the voiceover production
  • quality assurance.

You must therefore be sure that the agency in question can help you with exactly your voiceover project.

5 advantages of a professional speaker agency

  1. The entire voiceover production is handled for you


This is the best advantage for many companies, regardless of how much speaks they use. By choosing a full-service agency, you get professionals to handle the entire voiceover production process, so you don’t have to do it yourself.


As you could read earlier, there are many steps to follow when it comes to creating a voiceover. This is everything from planning and recruitment to scripts and quality assurance. You should therefore not focus on project management in any of the above phases.


Therefore, a good voiceover is not just about finding a skilled voice artist, but also about finding an agency that can handle the phases that you don’t have time or resources for yourself.


  1. The voices are carefully selected for your project and message

The voice is paramount in a voiceover. Finding the right voice for one’s project is for many the biggest challenge in voiceover production. A voice artist must be chosen who can deliver your message with a voice that supports your intention and speaks credibly to the target group.

A professional speaking agency will have an arsenal of contacts and freelancers they can contact, whether it comes to voice actors/actresses, technicians, studios or facilities. Then it will be easy to find the right voice for your video content. At VoiceArchive we have our search system, Voice Finder, where you can browse through different voices.


  1. A quality assurance that guarantees high standards


A voiceover agency has many comprehensive quality assurance systems that ensure you a consistent result across projects and campaigns. You can therefore expect voiceovers of a high standard across all production stages, which will be maintained on all future projects.

This is especially essential if you come up with off-on projects and want to have the same high quality every time. In the long run, this can help you develop a long-term relationship with an agency that you can always rely on.


  1. Technical quality control


Depending on where you order your voiceover, the technical quality can be problematic, especially if you order from a larger marketplace or use AI technology. You must be careful when ordering an amateur, as this can result in several technical challenges such as background noise due to poor sound insulation and reverberation and echo due to poor acoustics. You run the risk that your project will be significantly more expensive than first assumed, as the recordings will have to be discarded due to the poor sound.

By choosing a speaker agency, you get a high technical quality in your final product. The recordings will be made in a highly controlled environment in insulating and acoustically treated rooms with high-quality microphones. In other words, you get what you pay for – quality.


  1. Greater variety for creative campaigns


With a professional speaking agency, you get access to many unique voice artists who are specialized in different niches, which you can use for different projects. It can be anything from storytelling and advertising to answering machine messages and e-learning.

This means that you have a much greater variety of voices to choose from, where the agency, in collaboration with you, will localize your brand’s message and content in a new way so that it hits the spot with the relevant target audience. At VoiceArchive we have more than 2,100 voice actors and actresses in over 150 languages.


That's why you should choose VoiceArchive

With us, we have the mantra “one message, one voice”, and therefore you are guaranteed voiceovers of the highest quality with lightning-fast delivery and at a fair price. Together we can find the specific voice that creates the most credible and inspiring experience for your target group. And if you are looking for dubbing instead of voiceovers, we have a sister company, ADRENALINE, that can help with this. Here you are guaranteed the same towering quality.