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YES! Since the pandemic came and ruled over the world for quite some time the music industry has suffered greatly. Live performances like concerts and tours were put on pause and that pause has continued for a long time. It crumbled the music industry for some time. But then some musicians started searching for greener pastures. And they found it. Surprisingly enough in the gaming industry! Minecraft and Fortnite are games that have hosted some incredible online concerts. They have had artists like Courier Club, and Ariana Grande performing in-game. Courier Club performed in Minecraft, and Ariana Grande in Fortnite.

So, why is this relevant to you, you might think? Well, just like there are ads at festivals and concerts, there can be ads in online concerts in a game, not to mention between the sets. And the possibilities can be more creative on this platform. Also, there’s a LOT of people gaming, so you’d reach out to a huge pool of gamers playing from all over the world. That means you could have the opportunity to have ads with voiceover between sets!

How about a concert with millions of attendants?

Sounds like a success?

That’s because it was. Fortnite was one of the first online games to introduce live concerts. The first one they arranged was with the famous DJ Marshmello. Like they’ve done with the Ariana Grande concert, they created character skins of the DJ for people to “wear” in-game. The concerts have been a huge success. 10 million gamers attended the concert with DJ Marshmello. And millions attended the Ariana Grande concert.

The streams of the artists also sky-rocketed on different music streaming platforms before and after the concerts. So, there are several positive outcomes connected to these online gaming concerts. That’s why it could be interesting for you and your brand to investigate the possibilities of making ads with voice over for the concerts. And generally, it’s beneficial to create ads with voice over.

Get ready to promote your business!

Alright, let’s say you’re ready to create Ads for a game hosting an online concert or festival. What should you focus on? For starters, you should localize your project. Does your target audience fit the audience of the game hosting the concert? For instance, the average age of Fortnite gamers worldwide is between 18-24. So, you should adapt your ads to that type of audience to create interest and keep their attention. Also, your ads should be with voice-over since this can establish credibility and persuade the audience.

Focus on emotions. This creates a connection between your target audience and your brand. It also keeps the attention of the recipient and makes your ads and your brand easier to remember. You can read more about promoting your business here!

Time to pick up your phone!

– Mobile games roam opportunities

Because you can also promote your business on a much smaller scale. There are many ad opportunities in mobile games and apps, and research has shown a way to improve the ad experience for app- and mobile game users. With voice-over! And this is without pausing the game or in other ways intruding on the experience of the mobile app user.

A lot of users don’t like mobile ads and especially not the ones that take over the whole screen. 86 % out of 2.200 mobile gamers answered in a study that they reject full-screen advertising during the game. Also, 67 % in the same study answered that they prefer advertising formats that don’t force the game to quit. That’s why it could be a great opportunity to make ads with voice-over and only voice-over. This is because a voice talent can connect even better with the mobile user because there are no visuals to take away the attention. The voice-over enhances the engagement!

Are you trying to enter the gaming industry with Ads?

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Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager