You’ve hired the voice talent, booked the spot and have laser-focus on how you want your audio campaign to sound. But how do you make sure you hit the right notes, remotely? And how can you make sure your live session flows fluently, with high creativity and minimal distractions?

From home studio to global broadcast, we can help you fine-tune every element of the recording process for a high-quality audio output.

Using their 10+ years of expertise directing some of the world’s hottest audio campaigns, our project managers have created a checklist to help you get the most out of a Live Session with us… From benefitting from ‘on the spot’ creativity to gaining real-time input on the read and boosting artist confidence, every tip has been inspired by authentic client stories and experiences.

And remember, no special software is needed!

Our private tool is quick, easy and secure, with our sound engineers delivering what you need to hit the brief on tone, on time and on budget.

Let’s go!


1. Run Pre-Production Demos For Takes That Don’t Take All Day

With endless choice in voice artists, it’s often a challenge to source the exact match. That’s where pre-production demos come in.

Here’s how it works – you write a short direction for the voice talent. They then sent back a quick custom demo to ensure they can deliver the correct tone. With your permission, the demo could also be used in the voice artist’s demo reel, helping them launch or further enhance their career. This small but mighty prep work task helps you maximise time and value.

2. Create Scratch Recordings & Intro Reads Audio Certainty Starts Here

To make sure your voice artist is fully confident of what they need to deliver, it’s a smart idea to create a scratch recording or intro read. These additional prep references are rough, imperfect versions of the script, with information on timing and content.

They help the voice artist understand the ‘feel’ of the voiceover, as well as pace, flow and breaks. The rhythm of the audio is just as important as the spoken words themselves. Scratch recordings help bridge that space between uncertain flow and confident tone.

3. Use Native Directors & Pronunciation Guides. No Translation Barriers Here


Have you hired a voice artist to read a script that’s not in their mother tongue? Instead of tripping over accents, use a native director and pronunciation guides to help your voice artist become familiar with the local lingo.

Our MemoryBank gathers spoken pronunciation guides to minimize retakes. With no limitations on volume, you can add as many new pronunciation guides as you want, helping your new and existing voice artists to always remain confident of the script, the accent and the authentic way to speak!

4. Be Respectful of Time Zones Slot Around the Clock


To fully take advantage of the creativity of a voice artist, it helps to know both their time zone and their most creative hours. Some people are just naturally more creative in the evening, while others are used to working standard hours.

Since most voice artists are freelance, building your Live Session schedule around them is key. Whether you’re in the U.S with a voice artist in Japan or in the U.K with a voice artist in Prague, agree a spot where you both feel fully alert, productive and creative.

5. Monitor Through a High-Quality Source Cut the Fuzz, Crackle & Drop

A fuzzy, crackly reception is the voiceover equivalent of a Zoom mute. To ensure pin-sharp, crisp audio, monitor through a high-quality source.

It often helps if the voice artist joins the Live Session through their set-up i.e their actual studio mic input into their browser. That way, you’ll be able to hear with clarity and it’s easier to pick up the nuances and give direction.

VO is our MO!

Some audio agencies may have jumped the brandwagon post-Covid. But we’ve been here for over a decade, delivering established, premium audio for a diverse range of clients across the globe.

Now you’ve got the tips to excel, explore our Live Sessions and Advanced Sessions – which offer audio playback for next-level monitoring, editing and output performance.

Whether you’re after a one-liner commercial or a cross-border campaign, our expertise and resources will help you achieve more with audio.

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