Time is precious.

And we know that you might not have an abundance of it.

You need a quote for your voice-over project, quickly. So, we’d like to give you a head start on your project.

By having the answers to these 5 questions on hand, you will get the best quote, fast!


1. What language(s) and number of talents per language are needed?

This probably seems like a no-brainer, but we want to mention it anyways. Knowing what languages, you need a voice over in, is important but even more so, knowing how many talents are needed to perform voice overs in that language is necessary for the best quote.

2. What product category is your voice over for? (ex. eLearning, gaming, advertising etc.)

We can narrow the voice pool quickly by knowing this. Each of our talents has had their voice skills assessed and approved for specific product categories. This optimizes their quality and ensures they excel in the categories they perform voice overs for. So, we know that if you have an eLearning module, a commercial, a navigation system etc., we can ensure you’ll have a voice talent that has the perfect voice skills for that category!

3. Do you have project materials? i.e scripts, videos or similar we will use

The more we know about your project, the better. So, if you have a script or a video we’re referencing, please share it with us. But if you don’t THAT’S OK too! But, knowing what we’re working with helps us provide the best quote, fast.

4. What is the word count or other constraints?

Again, if you don’t have a script already. THAT’S OK. Maybe your project is centered around the length of the voice-over. If so, make sure you tell us that.
Alternatively, if you have the script but it hasn’t been translated yet, let us know. We can easily take your script from one to many languages with translations that are optimized for voice overs!

5. What is your deadline?

Meeting your deadlines is essential for us. We want to ease complexity and take things off your plate. That means you shouldn’t have to worry about making your deadlines. We’ll take that responsibility.


Are you ready to start your project?

Once you’ve gathered the answers to these questions, you’ll have all you need for the best voice over quote.
Get in touch and let us do the rest.