Audiobook recording

Are you looking for the right voice for recording your audio book? It can be everything from subject literature to fiction that is supposed to entertain, catch and inform your listeners. Regardless of your goal, you should reach out to a professional speaker. This is because the narrator actually is crucial for how an audiobook is experienced. 


Audiobooks usually get streamed or downloaded like you would know it from podcasts. They can vary in length depending on the format, which could result in the need for a speaker who is used to record rather long texts in a constant style and pace. Additionally, it requires a speaker who can keep the listeners caught in the story from start to finish. 


At VoiceArchive, we can help you along the way from the search for a speaker, through the recording up until the right treatment of your audiobook recording. This is because we have many years of experience of recording voice overs in many languages and can therefore assist you in finding the right voice to tell your story.

The voices importance for audiobook recordings

For many, the voice is the “make or break”, when it comes to listening to an audiobook. It actually can destroy the experience and keep the listeners away from continuing with the audiobook. At the same time, the voice can also contribute to the listeners continuing with listening and experiencing the story. This is why it is far away from being irrelevant which voice you choose for the recording of your audiobook.

Our process for the recording of audiobooks

1. Preproduction of the audiobook

After a talk about the book topic and target group, our specialists will set up a casting to find the right voice and speaker. Afterwards, a production plan gets created and the script gets prepared. To secure a correct and clear pronunciation of certain terms, names and the like, we usually create a pronunciation guide.

2. The actual production

For big audiobook productions, we usually work with partial deliveries of the recordings to create a continuous delivery process. At the same time, partial deliveries ensure that pace, tone and energy are constant throughout the whole audio book.

3. Postproduction of the audiobook

We mix the recording with sound effects and deliver the final product in the requested format. We guarantee that the recording will be of the highest quality both using headphones, on laptops, smartphones or the like.

Get experts to help you with your audiobook recording

At VoiceArchive, we are experts for everything concerning voiceovers and can therefore help you to get your audiobook project over the finish line. Regardless of the project´s size, we’ll do our very best to find the right voice for your project.

If you like to receive a preview of the speakers, we offer, you are always welcome to browse our Voicefinder. Here, you´ll find more than 2100 professional speakers and voice overs you can listen to in order to find the perfect match for you.

Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager