Fiction Podcasts as Part of Media Consumption

Digital content today is presented as self-service, and the development in this field continues to advance, with the nature of our audio content consumption changing in sync with digital content innovations.

Audiobooks were long the preferred choice in the audio storytelling field, but fiction podcasts are closely following audiobooks and allow us to immerse ourselves in exciting stories in a different way.

Audio dramas have a long history and have enchanted many generations with thrilling, interesting, or mystical stories on the radio.

While back then you had to sit in front of the radio at a specific time, today’s consumed entertainment must come in flexible formats, allowing us to integrate consumption into our daily lives.

Generation Z, in particular, uses podcasts. Therefore, this medium provides an excellent platform to expose your brand or use it as a springboard for other digital activities.

In a 2023 Infinite Dial study, 47% of respondents had consumed at least one podcast episode within a month, marking a 57% increase compared to five years ago.

Fiction podcasts are not as successful on streaming platforms like Spotify, but TikTok’s audio-based algorithm has breathed new life into the genre. The stunning success of fictional series like “The Royals of Malibu” has sparked a wave of interest in audio dramas, and it is expected that this interest will continue to grow in the coming year.

Differences between Podcasts and Audiobooks

Podcasts are a constant presence on all streaming platforms, covering a wide range of topics and areas. But what is the actual difference between a fiction podcast and an audiobook? Both deliver audio content, but fiction podcasts are often released in individual episodes and are generally shorter than audiobooks.

In contrast, audiobooks originate from physical books, and the voice talent reads verbatim from what is written in the physical book. On the other hand, fiction podcasts are more dynamic, as they are not bound by the constraints of a physical book, allowing flexibility in terms of length, release frequency, and more, often based on listener feedback.

Podcasts, in general, are more interactive and place greater emphasis on interaction through social media, feedback, or reviews.

Finding the Right Voice for Your Fiction Podcast 

Choosing the right voice for your podcast is crucial. You may think you can save money or serve as the narrator yourself, but this could mean the end of the road for your podcast.

Voiceovers for fiction podcasts are akin to playing a role in a theatrical production, but the voice talent has only one human sense to convey specific moods, namely speaking/listening. Could you do that yourself? Our assumption would be no.

Therefore, it is essential to consider the following before selecting a voice talent:

  • Which gender is best suited for the narration and atmosphere you want to convey in your podcast? Are there predominant moods that a soft voice, for example, can best convey?
  • If there are multiple main characters in the narrative, you should consider whether one voice talent is sufficient.
  • Fast or slow? Depending on the story, you should decide on a cadence for the pace in your podcast. We recommend sticking to voices that speak more slowly, as listeners are often engaged in other activities and may not follow the story at too high a tempo.
  • Find out what type of voice talent suits your podcast and the corresponding genre. Often, you can get a good sense of this through their respective demos.

In general, the voice can direct perception, mood, or feeling. The audience must be able to immerse themselves in the story to understand the message. Audio has the unique ability to captivate an audience, perhaps because it stimulates only one human sense. Therefore, carefully consider the type of voice you choose for your podcast. Read more about how a voice casting at VoiceArchive works here.

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Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager