One message, one voice.

We believe every project, message and story has a specific voice.

Speech is a vital part of a soundtrack, regardless of whether it’s something you’re viewing or listening to. Speech can come from people we see in a film (on-screen) or not in a film (off-screen) such as a narrator’s voice. Whether you work with e-learning modules, video manuals for your products, global commercials, or films, we can give your production a voice.

When we find the right voiceover together, we focus on your message, your target audience, and your company (sender). Communication is never just logos (understanding), it is also pathos (feeling) and ethos (credibility) and the right voice needs to match your production across these three forms of appeal. When the BBC uses David Attenborough for their nature documentaries, or when Morgan Freeman lends his silky narration to a television series, it is far more about the voice than the overall message.

Of course, there is only one David Attenborough and Morgan Freeman, but there are many talented narrators and professional voice actors throughout the world, and many of them work for us. We have women, men and voices that sound like children. We have fresh voices, funny voices, and business voices. The serious, the strange, the insistent … whichever voice you are looking for, you can find it with us. And if you’re not quite sure which voice you are looking for, you can find it with us too.

You can browse our Voicefinder to find the voice you’re after, or alternatively you can also contact us and tell us about your project and your desires, and we will find a selection of professional voiceovers for you to choose from.