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The experience design studio Yoke created an exhibition for the Danish natural and cultural heritage Skamlingsbanken. Skamlingsbanken not only stands out with its beautiful landscape including steep hills and ravines formed during the last ice age but also as having been a very important meeting place throughout the Danish history.

Yoke´s exhibition was named “The Great Forces” and aimed to showcase two things in particular:

  The fundamental forces that have shaped the unmatched nature of Skamlingsbanken.

  The power of nature and speech represented through engaging installations and storytelling.

The power of speech

In order to shed even more light on the power of speech, Yoke asked VoiceArchive to deliver voiceovers in Danish, German, and English for parts of their exhibition. The needed voiceovers should not just support the exhibition experience but make the visitor dive into the different installations using multiple senses.

Specifically, the voiceovers were used for two purposes:

  To bring popular speeches from important personalities such as Grundtvig, Laurids Skau or Gyrithe Lemche that took place in the Skamlingsbanken area to live.

  To showcase the power of speech in modern society and the age of social media including the risk of becoming the target of a shitstorm/lovestorm based on the own representation of oneself or personal opinions online.

Want to know more?

Placed within the banks, you can find Skamlingsbanken´s Visitor Centre that offers a lot of interesting facts and knowledge about the surrounding area to dive into.

If you are interested to learn more about the exhibition as well as Skamlingsbanken in general, feel free to have a look here.


Photo credits: @Yoke

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