One of Voice Archive’s returning key focuses within our daily work is the localization, which describes a language- and culture-specific translation of a given script, as well as the voiceover production for high-end commercials in a wide range of languages all around the world.

One of these languages is Korean for which we were lucky to contribute to a very exciting project opportunity.

Our cooperation partner Uhura Digital GmbH contacted us, looking for a female Korean voice. The voiceover was supposed to be used for the “Power through light” campaign by Ledvance, the world´s leading provider in general lightning for professional lightning experts and consumers.

As it is crucial to find the right voice match for any job and especially for commercials that will be viewed by a big audience, we started with a so-called voice casting. Here, we asked a selection of voice talents, we, in close communication with our client, thought could match the job profile, to deliver a custom demo of a provided text snippet.

This certain process helped us to narrow down the number of potential voice talents for the job in question, as not all voices always fit to a certain script and it´s connected requirements in terms of tonality, atmosphere, and emotions, when listening to the delivered custom demo.

Eventually, KORF10548-SEUNGMI was chosen as the perfect voice match to move forward with. You can listen to her demos below.

To make sure, the recording lived up to the expectations, we went with a live session recording, in which Seungmi recorded, as the name already gives away, live, while the client had the chance to listen in as well as provide crucial directions and feedback.

The final result can be viewed here:

Voice in this video: KORF10548-SEUNGMI

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Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager