That voice-overs can attract attention and enhance engagement is an increasingly known fact.

If you’re here, you might already be using voice-over in your company and in ad campaigns, or perhaps you are considering voicing your Ads. You might have even experimented with several methods to promote your business.

But what are the best ways to promote your business using voice-over? If you’re asking yourself that question, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover different ways of optimizing the promotion of your business using voice-over.

Voice-over in Ads makes the difference

Research has shown that Voice-over in Ads is an effective tool for conveying a message. Ads with voice-over score higher in rememberability than Ads without voice-over. The message communicated with a voice-over establishes credibility and can persuade the recipient. This research also showed something else: when a voice-over is developed with and by experts, the takeout of the message is more than twice as high as an amateur voice-over.

The usage of voice-over makes it easier for the recipient to understand the message. So, you should always have a clear vision of the purpose of the Ad is. Also, the timing of the visual elements is important. It could be an ad presented on TV. Here, the voice-over needs to complement the visuals instead of taking over. When visuals fit the voice-over and vice versa, the Ad will communicate more successfully. So, what can you do? – find yourself a great story, for the right demographics, and with the right tone.



We are born storytellers

– bring stories to life through your brand.

Create a story. People don’t necessarily care about what your product can do or cannot do. They care more about how this product can make their lives easier, or help them become the best version of themselves. That is why you should find the right angle for your story. In continuation of the world being more digitalized, people are easier to distract. But the thing that keeps the attention of people is emotions. It’s about making the recipient connecting to the brand, and a promo video is a good solution in telling a story that can achieve just that.

Although the visual elements and the soundtrack are important for the success of the video, the voice of a person can achieve a connection. Because it’s human! It’s more compelling to the audience.

At VoiceArchive we have a lot of experience in offering voice-over for promo videos. But don’t just trust a word for it, take look here!

Do it like Sherlock Holmes

Investigate your target audience – pay attention to the details.

Demographics are important when promoting your business to a new market. You can’t just shoot in the dark without knowing your audience.

For instance, there once was a company that produced painkillers for headaches. They wanted to enter the Middle Eastern and Central Asian markets and knew that their audience was used to having pictures on commercials and the packaging of products. So, they decided to add pictures that showed the before-and-after effects of using a product.

However, they overlooked the fact that the audience in said demographics are used to reading things from right to left. The company had put pictures of a person having a headache on the left and a person with a cured headache on the right. It showed the delightful feeling of the aftereffects.

You can already imagine the misinterpretations sitting in the minds of the consumers. “Do these painkillers give me a headache???”. The product wasn’t a success. This example illustrates the importance of researching your audience well on more than a few aspects!

Take out pen and paper

and remember to set the tone in your project – what’s it like?

Voice-over recordings have a specific tone. What’s your desired tone? Is it authoritative? Comedic? Or maybe it’s inspiring! If executed properly, the tone will influence the way your audience feels.

Let’s take an example: a comedic or childish tone in your voice-over could be beneficial for a much younger audience when used in, for example, a commercial for a new toy. The comedic and fun tone could then emphasize the fun in playing with exactly that toy for the audience.

Another important aspect is the script. The chosen language and the order of words influence the tone. It shapes the voice-over, and you should consider your choice of words in the making of the script. You should also consider the length of the script because this influences the tone as well.


This is because the length and positioning of words vary across languages, and a few sentences can turn into several sentences from one language to another. Also, the pronunciation of some words may cause a sentence to be difficult to speak. Making it sound weird, and can be frustrating for the audience since no one likes to listen to a never-ending flood of words. There need to be pauses in between one or more sentences. Consider this, when creating your main script.

So, there are several important aspects to consider when you create your script for a project with a voice-over

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