Voice over services

How do you get into voice over work?

Maybe you have been told you have the perfect voice to become a professional voice actor. Perhaps you have a unique tone, you can impersonate a celebrity voice, you can sing, you can act, you have incredible vocal stamina…. Or a variety of other possibilities that have made you think:

“Should I become a voice talent?”.

But how do you get into voice overwork?

There are a lot of companies with platforms that allow you to get into voice over work. That is, by recording a demo and matching a project with your voice. But which one is right for you? Well, let us help you get started.

Here are the 3 basics to becoming a voice talent:

1) You must have flexibility.

Most new voice talents don’t just jump into the biz full time without testing their workload and knowing the industry a bit. If you have a flexible schedule and want to start voicing projects as a hobby, you should know that most voice over projects require a 48-hour or less turn around for recording. This means at any given moment, regardless of time zone, you could be asked to voice professional narration. And since your voice is your product, product availability is key.

2) Ensure you have access to a voice recording studio

It sounds simple enough, but proper voicing equipment takes some space. Also, acoustically, where your recordings are done could impact the quality of voice over. So regardless of how you sell your voice over services, make sure you have a basic recording setup either at home or nearby. Pro tip: community radio stations/ production houses can also be great resources for getting started with voice over work.

3) You need to have the interest and ability to take vocal instruction

It may seem obvious, but you’ll need to be able to follow your client’s brief on the voice overs. Even if you work with a company or company platform to connect your voice with projects, instructions on timing, tone and intonation will need to be followed. If you are person who is open to learning, with these abilities to follow vocal instruction, you could be the perfect voice over talent.

While we know there are various options for a starting voice talent, at Voicearchive, we build a relationship with each of our talents, know their voice skills and help to establish a quality standard our clients trust. If you already have a portfolio, know your strengths, and want to join our team, you can apply as a voice talent here…. We cannot wait to hear from you.