We live in a time of rapid development when it comes to the technological wonders: Metaverse, ChatGPT, DALL-E and many more. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more widespread, and even our industry cannot escape how various AI voiceovers and software are slowly making inroads into the industry. And they are also slowly getting better, but are they as good as human voices? You will get an answer to that in the post here.

After reading the post, you will know what an AI voiceover is and its advantages and disadvantages compared to voice artists when it comes to voiceovers

What is an AI voiceover?

An AI voiceover is constructed from synthetic voices based on machine learning technology. AI voiceovers are produced in an AI voice generator that converts text to speech in real time. Depending on the complexity of the software and the quality of the machine learning technology, it can be based on real voice actors and thus preserve some form of humanity and natural speech.

In the past, AI voiceovers were produced using a database of pre-recorded words, producing an unnatural and mechanical audio reminiscent of a robotic voice. Today, text-to-speech software is much better and more realistic. Through different algorithms, they can come up with a more realistic sound output.

AI voiceover vs. voice artists - which is best?

So what is the best choice now that technology is so advanced? AI voiceovers and the use of real people both have their advantages and disadvantages. You can read more about that below.

AI VoiceOver – Pros and Cons


  • Faster turnaround time as AI voiceovers do not require script rehearsal, voice recording or editing.
  • Cheaper to produce as there is no need for voice actors, recording equipment and sound studio.
  • Easier editing and changing of the recorded content, which you do not need to request the involved speaking agency to do.


  • No dialects and accents, as they only want the spoken national language in their system. There is therefore no possibility of, for example, Southern Jutland, Copenhagen, Bornholm, etc.
  • Lack of flexibility as a professional voice actor will be able to replace words with others that sound better or that fit the timing of the script better. A machine currently does not have that understanding of flow and meaning.
  • Doesn’t sound like a human, which is a big disadvantage because people prefer human voices when communicating to them.

Voice Artists – Pros and Cons


  • You get emotion and personality when you choose human voices, which cannot be imitated by a piece of software.
  • You get a unique voice, as the voice is chosen for your project from a large selection of voice artists, and you therefore do not use a voice that can be accessed by everyone.
  • The message is conveyed more effectively and is received as authentic and credible by your audience as opposed to an AI voice. The production will also have a better quality.



  • Higher costs, as you have to pay for the use of a voice actor, equipment and studio.
  • Longer production time, as you have to spend time on agency and actor recruitment as well as recording and editing.
  • Investment in additional equipment if you choose to do it in-house.

Should voice artists be afraid of AI voiceovers?

As it stands now, our voice artists don’t have to worry about AI voices replacing them. Although their AI voice generator can come close to sounding like a human, it will never be quite the same. In addition, the technology is not so advanced in all languages either. This means that there will always be a demand for live voice talent, even if AI voiceovers will be used to a greater extent.

Voiceover artists are a vital part of the voiceover industry, producing the best narratives and messages for companies that have the time and money to work with voice actors and speaking agencies. AI just allows more companies and organizations to use it.

Should you choose an AI voice generator for your voiceovers?

We cannot avoid the fact that we are of course biased in this area when we are a voiceover agency, because we will of course still think that voiceovers recorded by human voices are the best – at least at the moment. But the various software systems are getting better and better, and especially in English they have come a long way. So it’s just a matter of time before an AI voice can match the real thing.

So although it can be scary that AI is gaining more ground in our industry, it gives all companies – regardless of size – the opportunity to make use of voiceovers, where before it could be unmanageable and only intended for larger companies.

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