Who are Sons Of Motion Pictures?

Sons Of Motion Pictures or SONS as they refer to themselves, is a creative film production company who effortlessly combines the best of two worlds: Film production and advertising.

Born on the most romantic day of the year (Valentines day) the love of film brought together a small group of young and passionate filmmakers. But as it often happens with love, it grew over time and in this case into a film family of 45 people. Making SONS the largest film agency in Central Germany, consisting of permanent artists and talents from all areas of film production.

This gives them a competitive advantage on the market, as it enables them to realize demanding film projects with more flexibility, cost-efficiency, and consistency in quality.

Their productions ranges from employer branding videos to commercial, image films, social media, video series, documentaries, explainers in addition to strategy and distribution.

The films and videos are broadcast both nationally as well as internationally, and SONS have been awarded a total of 55 film prizes as well as the rating “particularly valuable”. It is safe to say that the SONS film family ‘walk the talk’ of their values of honest communication, a long-term partnership, and a sustainable film industry, so that they not only achieve their clients’ goals, but exceed them.

A match made in heaven

Over the years SONS and VoiceArchive has teamed up as a true power couple, to ensure that the videos and films produced by the team at SONS has a sound that matches the high quality of the visuals.

Adding voice overs to videos – wether that is an explainer video, corporate video, commercial or a series of smaller videos for social media, enhancing the storytelling through a voice over helps getting your message into the minds of your audience. In fact, pairing visuals with sound across touch points has the ability to enhance ad recall with up to 25%.

Be inspired by the cases from SONS down below!

Koeln Business Wirtschaftsfoerderung


German voice over by VoiceArchive

Utrecht Network - Philosophizing with Socrates

Explainer video by SONS OF MOTION PICTURES

English voice over by VoiceArchive

ChainMaster - The World Of Motors

Image film by SONS OF MOTION PICTURES, 2021

English voice over by VoiceArchive

Sparkasse Mittelthueringen Jubilaeum 200 Jahre

Explainer video by SONS OF MOTION PICTURES

German voice over by VoiceArchive