Voice Over Post-Production

Post-production and Mixing Services

Speeches, voiceovers, and audio recordings can be adjusted and adapted to all platforms and speakers.

There is a difference between how to mix the sound for a cinema theatre, a radio documentary, a TV advert, and a YouTube video. For example, there is an enormous difference between whether the sound should be clear in the headphones of your smartphone or in a cinema theatre that uses Dolby Surround.

We can adapt our productions to the local and global standards for audio files for all types of media. What’s more, we’ll help you meet all the applicable technical specifications, no matter where in the world and on what media you need it to be released.

Practical editing

  • File splitting and file naming for large productions.
  • Format Conversion
  • Synchronisation and timing

Technical editing

  • Cleaning audio of mouth-clicks, plosives and breathing
  • Adjusting volume and equalisation to make the file easier to work with in the final production.
  • Adjusting the volume and equalisation according to the media and platform you need to access.

Easy five-step process

You are just five steps from receiving the voice over you need. In a hurry? Don’t worry. We’ll match your deadline.

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We provide the mastering and file format you need, and we guarantee that our narrative and audio recordings are clear on all the platforms you want.