“Aaaand we are live!”… Many voice-overs are recorded within the studio’s four walls with only the voice actor present. And that can have its advantages – you have the time and resources to make the recording as good as possible. But the pre-recorded voice-over is not always your best option.

A live session voice-over is another solution that can benefit both the voice actor and you, as the one who will be using the voice-over.

In this article, we will go into more detail about what a live session is and the benefits of a live session voice-over. Stay with us.

Join us backstage during the voice-over sessions

Something extraordinary about a live session voice-over is that you, as the customer, are invited to the recording itself, so that you can see and hear what’s going on live in all sessions during the recording. It’s all done online, so it’s easy for you to get connected to the voice talent’s studio. You decide how many members of your team will sit in for the online session.

Your team takes control during the session. Here, you start by briefing the voice actor and giving him or her the opportunity to rehearse the script for you and your team so you can hear how it sounds.

Then you have the unique opportunity to actively participate in the session by directing and fine-tuning the voice actor’s performance on an ongoing basis, or even experimenting with new ideas – so that you create the finished product together.

When you and the team, in collaboration with the voice actor, arrive at the final recording, it is recorded by the voice talent. After this, we also ensure that our sound engineers deliver the finished product to you. Simple as that! When you leave the live session, you’ve got the finished product.

Live session voice-over gives you the best end result

Often there is a deadline just around the corner, which can mean that your company has to be fast. At the same time you may want the freedom to experiment creatively at the last minute – because you never know when you’ll get a brilliant idea!

So there can be many advantages to a live voice-over session. Because it’s advantages allow you to:

  1. save time and money  (transport, studio booking, meeting expenses, etc.)
  2. achieve the desired character and style
  3. experiment with new ideas at the last minute and explore different interpretations
  4. have complete control over a project
  5. achieve fast results of the highest quality
  6. exchange ideas with the voice actor
  7. clearly communicate your expectations clearly to the voice actor
  8. provide immediate feedback and make adjustments
  9. get 100% creative control over the result.

The fastest way to a successful voice-over

In other words, with live, directed voice-over sessions, you know that your company will surely achieve precisely the result you’re dreaming of. If you have changes or other ideas, you have the opportunity to give your voice actor feedback. That way, the voice actor can better understand your needs and deliver an excellent performance more easily.

As seen in the advantages listed above, the live session method can be summed up as the fastest way to a successful voice-over – at least in many cases. The method offers personal, high-quality and fast results. At VoiceArchive, our online live session is based on three basic needs in the creative world:

  1. The freedom to experiment with last-minute ideas
  2. The need to have complete control over a project
  3. The demand for fast, high-quality results.

It all sounds very smart, but how does this live session actually work in broad strokes? You can learn more about this by watching the video tutorial on live sessions we have made for you. Here, we take you by the hand and explain the whole process with this type of session. Watch the video here.

Find your voice-over at VoiceArchive

We offer our customers online live sessions so you can experience your voice-over in action. In fact, we’ve created a free tool specifically focused on online live session recordings. You can read much more about our live session tool here. Read the guide and get answers to many of your technical, practical and more administrative questions.

Feel free to get in touch with one of our voice-over specialists if you have even the smallest of questions. You can read more about how to get in touch with us here.

Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager