Adventurous, demanding and inclusive are only some of the words to describe the words to describe the new generations. Representing a combined $200B of annual purchasing power, Zoomers, Millennials and -get ready for more slang-, Zillennials are a demographic your business cannot afford to pass over. Their expectations are easier than what they may seem, and all encompass the same principle: authenticity.

A recap on Zillenials, Millenials and Zoomers

As we learned in our last article about new generations, GenZers claim honesty and transparency from the companies they consume. Authenticity is the order of the day in commercial communication with the youth, and that goes for everything…

From climate aware campaigns, to building kinship and loyalty relationships by supporting gender, sexuality and racial equality inside and outside your company. If anyone is well-versed in injustices and differences, that is generations Y and Z. As opinions and information travel light-speed in social media, Millennials are one click away from dismantling dishonest communication.

“The way for brands to build loyalty
in the 21st century is to
behave more like people.”

How to build loyalty with the trust-issues generation?

A conversational tone has been proven to be the best way to approach the new youth.

If your company wants to approach the new generations, we have already learned that being genuine is key.  You might be breaking your head around how to be more approachable for millennials in your brand, but it goes as easy as to speaking truthfully to them. In fact, this may be easier than it sounds, as one of the main traits of the youth is trusting an internet fellow with common style or age more than their own parents.

In order for your brand to become a mutual, -yes, they have a name for it-, you need to become relatable, humble and charismatic, just like their friends. Zoomers admire boldness, especially when it becomes from brands, because breaking the corporate tone and showing the humans behind companies is a sign of honesty. Therefore, us, brands, need to talk to the new generations.

And for that, a conversational tone, one that reveals humanity and equity between brand and audience, is the key to be understood by the existing youth. So was revealed in the 2021 Global Trends Report from Spotify, a consumer study by the Institute of Business Value, and many other sources also dealing with a change in the consumer experience for new generations. Following Brundage’s words “The way for brands to build loyalty in the 21st century is to behave more like people.”.

In practicality, this means embracing and participating in the growth of sonic communication, especially opting for one that commends conversational marketing so that generating genuine engagement between your brand and customers becomes as easy as pie.

1. Become relatable through conversational styles that reject corporate tones

2. Create engagement through honesty and transparency

3. Stay up to date including diversity through voices

Including diversity in your company – A Great Extra

Because millennials are looking for non-traditional paths to responsibility, inclusion and transparency, diversity is another great asset.

But how does a brand appear more inclusive? Well, there might be many ways, but a good communication is certainly the best for the audience we are dealing with. While we speak about millennials, zillennials and zoomers as a cohesive group, the reality is that they are very diverse. Individuality and originality are praised among them, and that is why a unifying standard tone may not work.


Sexual and gender diversity, for instance, is applauded between many youngsters, and for that same reason, non-binary, homosexual or transgender characters in fiction are widely worshiped. Likewise, the inclusion of biracial or queer talents for regular roles is broadly celebrated. The logic resumes in advertising, as including diversity in commercial communication, especially if it is in a natural-subdued-way, is a great option to draw attention from the new generations.

A way to do this is through voice, as it is a medium that does not obviously reveal personal characteristics butcan still be a tool to display inclusiveness. This is also a great option for companies that areon the fence about these trends but still want to seem approachable. In VoiceArchive, for instance, we have a wide variety of voices that will cater for the newer generations without breaking the bank or altering your well-established branding.

Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty…

As Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna highlighted in their song, loyalty and honest communication is the only way to good relationships. And that includes the commercial ones! Audio advertising is the most natural way to incorporate the conversational tone that new generations demand, and if that includes diverse voice talents… Two birds one stone! Millenials, Zoomers, and the rest of the ‘net will engage with your brand and trust it in the long run.

So, why are you waiting for? Hire professional diverse voices right now.