What's VoiceArchive's MemoryBank?

VoiceArchive’s MemoryBank takes inspiration from the translation industry and its terminology banks.

Our MemoryBank gathers spoken pronunciation guides. With this memory tool, every client has its own database in which to gather and build up pronunciation data.

Let’s take brand names. The pronunciation of one word can be different for users in Spain, England, Russia, or Italy. To ensure proper pronunciation, the client can upload the correct pronunciation guides. Clients only need to upload every pronunciation once, we’ll store it and keep them safe in the client’s account. When receiving a job, the voice talents can simply check the pronunciation guides, minimizing retakes.

There are no limitations in terms of volume in our MemoryBank, so it’s possible to keep adding new pronunciation guides and building on top of existing solutions.

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Ruan Le Grange

CEO & Partner, ZA